What exercise burns the most calories ?


Physical exercise and fitness activities are one of the best ways to consume calories, and proper consumption of calories is the key to reducing excess fat, maintaining a good body shape, and promoting good health. What are calories? The calories is a unit of energy and is still widely used in nutrition measurement and fitness manuals. Calories are related to energy intake and energy consumption. When consuming is greater than the intake, people will lose weight, otherwise, they will put on weight. What exercise burns the most calories, maybe the following ten will tell you the answer.




Swimming is most suitable in summer. It can not only resist the hot weather, but also lose weight, which can be said to combine weight loss with entertainment. And swimming can consume a lot of calories. Butterfly swimming can consume 470 calories every 20 minutes. So don't just think about playing in the water, after you go to the swimming pool in summer, take out half an hour to burn fat. However, it should be noted that people will be particularly tired and hungry after swimming, so diet control must be done after swimming to ensure that the calories consumed will not be replaced.




Skipping is an aerobic exercise that is very suitable for weight loss. Moreover, the cost of skipping rope is relatively low, the site requirements are not very strict, and you can exercise at home. Skipping rope for 30 minutes a day can consume 440 calories of calories. If you want to lose 1 kilogram, you can consume 7,200 calories. Skipping rope can lose 1 kilo of fat in less than 5 hours.

Therefore, girls who want to lose weight can consider skipping rope, but they must stick to it. After skipping rope, it is recommended to massage and knead the calf to relax the tense calf and prevent the calf from turning into a muscle leg.




Playing badminton can not only exercise the muscles of the whole body, but also effectively improve the flexibility of the body. Playing badminton for 30 minutes a day can help you burn 160 calories. Many girls like to play badminton. But be aware that if you haven't played badminton for a long time, there might be pain in your arms. Therefore, massage the arms after playing badminton. Often practicing badminton can also improve the flexibility of the body.

 Playing badminton


The fastest way to lose weight in summer is to play squash. Playing squash consumes a lot of calories, you can lose weight quickly in a short time, and can also expel fat and toxins from the body. Playing squash every day for 30 minutes can consume more than 450 calories. But playing squash requires a field and a high reaction speed. For girls, it is a bit difficult.



In addition to playing badminton, you can also play volleyball. Playing volleyball for 30 minutes a day can consume 160 calories. When playing volleyball, you need to use the strength of your arms and legs, so those who want to thin arms and legs can choose to play volleyball.

 play volleyball



If you can use more stairs to exercise in your daily life, it will not only prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease, but also help you lose weight. Climbing the stairs for 30 minutes can consume 260 calories, which is 10 times more than sitting still, 4 times more than walking, 2.5 times more than swimming, and equivalent to jogging 800-1500 meters.

 Climbing the stairs




One hour of dancing can burn 600-800 calories.You can play music at home, or participate in training classes, try to dance every day, and practice every inch of your body's muscles. But different types of dancing consume different calories, so it depends on which type of dance you choose.




The method of blowing a balloon sounds a bit weird, but not everyone knows the magical slimming effect . For example, the actress in the TV aeries "You from the Star" also uses gloves to lose weight. The principle is basically similar. Blowing 50 balloons each time is the same as running for 10 minutes.

 blowing a balloon



Jogging is the easiest way to lose weight in sports, and weight loss is obvious. If you jog, it consumes 400 calories per hour,and it consumes about 200 calories in half an hour. If you run fast, it consumes 552 calories per hour; half an hour consumes about 250 calories. If you don’t like outdoor running, you can choose to run on a treadmill. Choosing a good slope can increase the speed of weight loss. But be sure to keep hydrated in time!




Yoga is a kind of exercise that can prevent diseases. Yoga is not about exercise to lose weight. It is a deep breathing exercise that can increase the absorption of oxygen in the body's cells, and the oxidation will burn fat, so you will lose weight! Generally, practicing yoga can help you burn about 100 to 450 calories in an hour, depending on the yoga style and the personal practicing.




I hope that the above exercise methods can help you. At the same time, you should choose your daily exercise method according to your physical condition, living conditions, and working environment. Action speaks louder than words, so the key is persistence, your own will, perseverance and healthy pursuit!  


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