Pregnant yoga—— the Unexpected benefits!


Childbirth consumes a lot of physical strength, so most pregnant women will feel panic and restless before delivery. This is a normal phenomenon. Practicing yoga can make this process easy and help pregnant women maintain a peaceful mind before delivery. Here is famous mother who shared their prenatal yoga experience when she was having babies.


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The following is the conversation during a interview.

Q: So let's start with the first question: How long have you been practice yoga?

A: I started practicing yoga after the second pregnancy  (2011) to get back in shape and I immediately fell in love with it. Even today, I continue to practice alone at home.

Q: what type of yoga do you practice and what do you prefer /enjoy about this particular form of yoga

A: I practice vinyasa yoga. I love the energy and flexibility that it gives me

Q: so, What is the best part do you enjoy and gain from yoga?

A: it is definitely the energy that Yoga can give me. Yoga can recharge my batteries. I am speaking of both physical and mental energy. I can't believe that a few years ago I was constantly tired and especially struggling with Some ailments such as sore throat, cold or headache.

Q:What advice would you give someone who just start their yoga journey?

A: I can only advise to be very patient, not to be discouraged. we do not all have the same potential but we can certainly have the same benefits. the positions do not come immediately but only over time.



Pregnant women practicing yoga can enhance physical strength and muscle tension, enhance body balance, and improve the flexibility of the entire muscle tissue. At the same time, it stimulates the glands that control the secretion of hormones, accelerates blood circulation, and can also control breathing well. In addition, yoga for abdominal exercises can help reshape the body after giving birth. Practicing yoga can make this process easy and help pregnant women maintain a peaceful mind before delivery.



Early pregnancy period

Practicing some enhanced yoga postures early before pregnancy can help mothers during pregnancy. If pregnant women have strong abdominal muscles, they can support the fetus while it is growing and prevent back pain. Before childbirth, the stronger the abdominal muscles, the quicker the body will recover after delivery. A strong back is of great help in relieving low back pain, and it can not only prevent but also minimize back discomfort. Practicing yoga poses before and during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers achieve the following benefits. It increase the flexibility of the hip and groin muscles which makes childbirth easier.

Pedaling pose

Cat pose




Second trimester

Pregnant women have already raised their abdomen during this period, so although it is possible to adjust the posture to reduce the difficulty, such as when practicing the baby pose, you can separate the legs to create space for the abdomen, but it is difficult not to compress the abdomen with the forward bending action. To this end, here are some practical yoga postures and contracts that will allow you to practice comfortably during the second trimester.

Infant pose is a very comfortable and static posture that helps to relieve the stiffness of the lower back. If it is difficult to stick to the forehead, rest your hands on the overlapping hands. You can also separate your legs to give more space to your belly.


In the later three months, the forward bending posture puts pressure on the abdomen, so it will be difficult and uncomfortable to practice. The most comfortable posture is the simpler posture. At this stage, what you want to do most are those postures that allow more space for the fetus. 


Some doctors advocate normal delivery, and there are many cases when pregnant women have to have a C-section. However, in some cases, caesarean section can be avoided through exercise. Postpartum yoga exercises are exercises that promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, whether it is a natural birth or a caesarean section. Due to different production methods, postpartum recovery situations are not the same. You can gradually start practicing according to your personal physique. Many movements of postpartum yoga have the function of slimming, protecting internal organs and soft muscles, and increasing flexibility.



The advantage of practicing yoga after childbirth is that the supporting tissues and ligaments of the pelvic floor are in a relatively relaxed state, making it easier to complete certain postures.  Various specific asanas, effective breathing, and calm meditation of postpartum yoga help mothers to regain body shape, breast milk, and energy.


Do not do vigorous exercises during pregnancy, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, as the weight continues to increase, exercise will be very restricted. When choosing exercises, focus on simple exercises.



Hot yoga is no benefit for women during pregnancy. In a high temperature environment, blood vessels will automatically contract to reduce body temperature, leading to premature delivery and increasing the chance of miscarriage. Therefore, women who are preparing for pregnancy should not practice hot yoga. Practicing power yoga will also consume too much energy, and some large-scale movements will affect the fetus implantation. 



The process of pregnancy is such a wonderful time, and it is a very happy thing to look forward to the arrival of a new baby. Pregnant yoga can help you enjoy this process better. There are so many benefits, why not give it a try?

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Thanks for explaining how yoga could help alleviate labor pain during and after pregnancy. I want to help my best friend who’s planning to conceive her first child soon. I’ll be sure to relay this information to her so she can try it out.

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