Are you allowed to do pregnant yoga?

1. What is pregnant yoga?          

Yoga is a very stretchable exercise that, in conjunction with breathing and asanas, can effectively improve people's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is a very good exercise method that can unify the body, mind, and spirit. In ordinary yoga, spine twisting, folding, and abdominal compression are often performed. However, about pregnant yoga, these actions will be avoided as much as possible. The main training focus of pregnant yoga will be abdominal breathing, posture correction, balance training, upper and lower extremity muscle strength training. 


pregnant yoga


2. Are all pregnant women suitable for pregnant yoga?  

The answer is no, because everyone's body condition is different, and whether they are suitable for practicing yoga is also different. Therefore, before pregnant mothers prepare to practice yoga, for the health of the fetus and themselves, it is best to go to the hospital to consult the relevant obstetrician and gynecologist, and then decide whether to practice pregnant yoga according to their own circumstances.

During routine prenatal check-ups, pregnant mothers should tell the doctor about your decision to attend a yoga class for pregnant women and ask the doctor if your health allows it. If you have a history of miscarriage or any other illness or discomfort, your doctor may tell you not to practice yoga asana or wait until the first trimester to attend a yoga training class. Although people think that yoga is relatively gentle on the joints, if you have any illness or discomfort, you must first get the doctor's consent.

Of course, if your doctor agrees to practice yoga for pregnant women, you should remember the following advice: Listen to your body's voice. Pregnant women should pay attention to signs of dizziness, fatigue, pain or discomfort. If you experience chest pain, amniotic fluid leakage, extreme thirst or frequent urination, excessive weight gain, or persistent back pain, you should consult your doctor immediately.


pregnant yoga


Therefore, it is suitable for pregnant women to practice when under these conditions include sciatica, low back pain, lower limb edema, cramps, lower abdominal pain, constipation, poor sleep, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Although yoga during pregnancy is good for both babies and mothers, for safety reasons, the following people are not allowed to practice pregnant yoga during pregnancy:

Suffering from chronic hypertension, eclampsia, hyper-pregnancy during pregnancy, premature rupture of membranes, premature birth, placenta previa or placental hyperplasia after 26 weeks of pregnancy, bleeding during mid-to-late pregnancy, laxity of the cervix or cervical cerclage, multiple-birth pregnancy, fetal growth restriction, oligohydramnios, diabetes or gestational diabetes, BMI> 35, or pregnant women with any uncomfortable sports disease.


 3. Tips

  • Preparation before practice:

     1. Urinate and empty the bladder before practicing;

     2. Wear breathable sweat-absorbent sports clothing to prevent getting wet and getting cold;

     3. Choose a moderate temperature environment practice (room temperature is about 22-23 degrees) and keep the air flowing;

    4. An empty stomach before practicing and two hours after a meal are suggested.


  • The most suitable stage for practice:

     1. The first trimester:

It is not suitable for the first 3 months. Generally speaking, women who have been practicing yoga before pregnancy can continue to practice during pregnancy until they can rest for a week before giving birth and switch to simple exercises and yoga breathing.

Prospective mothers who haven't practiced yoga before pregnancy are better off starting after 3 months of pregnancy.  It is best for pregnant women to practice yoga 2 - 3 times a week. Each practice is suitable for their own physical comfort. 

     2. The second trimester

It is the most appropriate stage to do pregnant yoga. The best time to practice yoga for pregnant women should be more than 3 - 7 months of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal implantation has stabilized. Pregnant women can choose an appropriate exercise method according to their physical fitness and previous exercise. 

     3. The third trimester: It is not suitable for doing pregnant yoga in the third trimester, because it is easy to squeeze fetuses. 


pregnant yoga


  • Suggestions:

     1. Firstly, it is not advisable to practice blindly. It is important to increase the amount of exercise slowly. Do not increase the amount of exercise suddenly and prolong exercise time. Be sure to act according to your physical condition and consult a yoga instructor at any time. 

    2. Secondly, when pregnant women contact yoga, don't be impatient. Every movement must be done step by step. 

   3. Thirdly, don't try hot yoga and don't challenge difficult poses. 

   4. Finally, please be sure that you should always pay attention to your own state. Pregnant women should always pay attention to their physical conditions when practicing pregnant yoga. If any discomfort occurs during practicing yoga for pregnant women, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in a timely manner.


Yoga during pregnancy is indeed good for pregnant women, but it is not suitable for everyone, so if pregnant mothers want to do yoga, it is best to go to a professional institution for consultation.


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