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Everyone has given gifts and received gifts, whether it is a gift you give to others or a gift from others to you, every gift represents a blessing. Choosing gifts for people who isn't lack of everything is a big problem which needs a lot of thinking. Sending health is the best choice. Some simple exercise equipments make people better exercise, and exercise makes them healthier. These things related to keeping fit are even more difficult for people who love sports to refuse.


People love sports


Yoga mats are your first choice. Yoga mats are divided into traditional yoga mats and upright yoga mats. Traditional yoga mats are yoga mats without lines.Upright yoga mats not only have the general functions of a traditional yoga mat, but also guide the practice of more scientific and precise yoga asanas.

The surface of the yoga mat are full of bubbles, which feel soft, non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, and it has strong resilience. It is an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, the yoga mats can effectively block the cold on the ground, which have an outstanding resilience and perfectly satisfy human skin compatibility. And you can also do some other fitness exercises on it.




Excerise wheel

Yoga ball is a new, interesting and special sports fitness exercise. Nowadays, yoga ball is especially popular among urban women for its fun, soothing, safe, and obvious effects. Yoga balls can train the chest, abdomen, and back. Muscle groups in hips, legs, and other muscle groups play an important role in maintaining body balance, improving body posture, and preventing sports injuries. When practicing with the yoga ball, you should coordinate with slow breathing, stretching and squeezing, so that the body can be effectively massaged, and at the same time, please keep balanced, improve the ability to concentrate for the purpose of relaxation and fat consumption.


Excerise will Yoga Ball



Yoga pillars are also called foam rollers. Don’t look at their inconspicuous shape, but they are powerful. Basically, foam rollers can help you get the swollen muscles and backaches and leg cramps relieved! The specific method is to adjust the posture, press the part of the body that needs to be relaxed on the foam roller. The pressure on your body should be put according to your weight. When you slowly roll the foam roller, you will get the satisfaction of relief.
  Generally, foam rollers are used to relax the body in two situations: First, after exercise, the exercise load tends to make muscles fatigue, and the rolling relaxation of the foam roller can effectively relieve stiffness and prevent muscle soreness after exercise. Second, the body inherently has muscle stiffness and tightness. For stiff parts and muscles, often roll with foam rollers to improve this unhealthy state and prevent the occurrence of chronic injuries.





Yoga brick is an auxiliary tool for beginner practitioners and practitioners with poor flexibility to help adjust postures and assist the body to achieve some movements. Yoga bricks can help us support different parts of the body, avoiding beginners from causing tension in other parts of the body due to poor flexibility or insufficient muscle strength.


yoga brick


The tension band has good resilience, and it can work well with the movements in training to achieve better plasticity. Suitable for teenagers and women with relatively small strength, effectively stretch and exercise the whole body muscles, stabilize the posture and control the stretching distance, effectively improve the physical activity ability, and shape the perfect body curve. It is the best aid for practicing yoga and Pilates. It can increase the fun of exercise and change the single exercise method.


resisitance band


Sports water bottles have become more popular and environmentally-friendly new sports products. Compared with other water tools, sports water bottles are durable, safe and reliable, and convenient for insurance.


sports water bottle


The portable water purifier is a sports water bottle newly appeared in the past two years. Its appearance is similar to that of a traditional water bottle, but its internal filtering function can quickly filter different fresh water such as outdoor river water, stream water and tap water into direct drinking water, which is convenient for outdoor sports conditions. Get safe and assured drinking water anywhere.



When you don’t know what kind of special gift you should prepare, or you don’t want to be the same as others, for many people, the above gift list about exercise can probably solve your problem. These gifts not only presents your wishes, because he value of a gift lies in the goodwill and heart of the giver, not the value of the gift itself.


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