What do the different colors of resistance bands mean

Resistance bands are used to help tone and strengthen the entire body. They are inexpensive, ranging from $6 to $20, and don't take up much space, so they can be used at home and when traveling. When shopping for exercise bands, not all are created equal. In fact, if you’ve ever shopped for a resistance band, chances are that you’ve noticed that they come in different colors. No, friends, those colors aren’t just for fashion or to match your workout outfits, they actually indicate the resistance of the bands. As far as I concerned, I totally used to choose them based on color preference before I knew the colors actually meant something.


So what do those resistance band colors mean? Let’s have a further exploration below.



Yellow resistance bands are great for beginners. They offer light resistance and are very stretchy. It means that it takes little effort to pull against them. Usually, light resistance bands are used to do some exercises which use joints such as shoulders and shins and you don’t need much resistance to break through.



Green resistance bands offer medium resistance and have more tension than yellow resistance bands, If you’re looking for a step up from the beginner, green resistance bands are your next step. Green resistance bands are used to do some exercises that need slightly more tension. You can work your muscle like biceps and triceps



Red resistance bands have a higher level of tension than green and yellow. After you’ve been building muscle strength for a few days and are ready to try more resistance challenging, go with a red resistance band. Red resistance bands are used for muscle work such as legs, back, and chest.



Blue resistance bands are much stiff and are heavy resistance. They’re harder to pull and require quite a bit of strength compared to their less intense counterparts. Blue bands are for someone who is very strong, or for larger muscle groups, such as the legs, chest, and back. These are also the bands to use when working out with someone else and when two people pull against a band.



Black resistance bands are the heaviest resistance to pull and stretch but also makes that workout quite a bit more challenging than one done with a green or red band. Black bands are used for the large muscle groups, such as the legs, or when working with someone else. Someone may think it's cool to use black resistance bands but it should be used in the right way. If you don't have a strong muscle, it's not appropriate for you to use the black bands.


Whenever you’re working with a resistance band, be sure to inspect it prior to starting to exercise. Cats and kids have been known to poke holes in them accidentally. As always, safety first no matter what type of exercise equipment you’re using.


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