How to lose weight with resistance band

Fitness is a particularly important thing in our lives. We can achieve good health through fitness. At the same time, we can achieve the effect of losing weight or exercising muscles through fitness. The resistance band is one of many ways to exercise, resistance training helps you lose fat alone rather than muscle. However, combining cardio exercises with resistance bands will drop the weight faster as well as provide muscle growth and body tone via resistance training. Adding a vigorous fitness tube training session with cardio will also help to increase your body’s metabolism which works to cut your body fat for hours after finishing your resistance band workout.


Resistance bands are affordable, convenient and lightweight tools to train all your major muscles, even when you're traveling.


The resistance band can be fixed on the hands to practice. It can also be knotted into a circle and put on the limbs for various exercises. The band is also suitable for practicing with other training equipment, such as fitness balls, yoga mats and so on. All training actions require a chest to tighten the abdominal muscles instead of holding your breath, pull up and playback the muscles to control the force and paly back slowly.


Practice Methods

1.Static High Knees

Use the resistance band to cover the middle of the feet, pass the arch of the foot and step on it, then start doing a high leg lift. The knee should be mentioned flush with the navel and stay at the highest point for half a second, then relax. Do 10 times for each leg and then change sides.


2.Split Jumps

Put the resistance band over the ankle so that it won’t affect putting on your shoes. Take the running position to jump up to the top and take off and kick your feet forward and backward, it looks like that you are going to skip any obstacles during running when the upper body stretches naturally. Last, pay attention to balance is also important. The right foot forward and the left foot jumps back 5 times, then the left foot forwards and the right foot jumps 5 times backward.


3.Plank Knee Thrusts

The resistance band covers the left foot arch and the right foot ankle, and the feet are slightly opened, and the posture of the tablet is supported on the yoga mat, and the lunge movement is started. 10 times for each leg.


4.Straight Leg Lifts

The resistance band covers the ankles of the feet and you lie naturally on the yoga mat, meanwhile, your wrists place under the buttocks for support and the abdomen is used to keep the legs from falling, and then the upper and lower opening and closing movements are performed. 10 times for each leg.


5. Standing Hip Abduction

The resistance band covers the ankles of the feet, your hands are akimbo and the one feet stand firm and balanced. After that, the other foot is forced to the outside. If you can't keep balance, you can stand up the wall with one hand and start doing the action. 10 times per side.


6. Knee-Ins

The resistance band covers the middle of the feet and passes through the arch of the feet, at the same time, your palm rests under the buttocks that are to assist the force.10 times for each leg.


7. Monster Walk

The resistance band covers the ankles and it looks like a walk to exercise. Every step of the leg has to open 45°forward


Some tips

1. 10 to 15 times per action is preferred

Some people may be crazy when doing resistance band exercise because of too much flesh, but for the sustainable development of our body, each group of movements is preferably 10 to 15 times. On the one hand, to avoid sports injuries and on the other hand, for bands' durability. Rest between different movements for about 1 minute is better because you should avoid muscle cooling and loss of elasticity.


2. No exercise in fasting or satiety

You can eat chocolate, sugar-free yogurt or bananas to supply energy before you do some exercises. At the same time, the resistance band exercise can be done anytime and anywhere, so you don’t have to do much more exercises per time.


3. A little warm-up exercise

The resistance band exercises look very simple. But in fact, it is very laborious to do. Warm-up exercises are important to avoid injuries before and after exercise.


4. About the quality of the resistance band

The poorer quality of the resistance band, the quicker elasticity may drop, and some resistance bands may even break and scratch the body, we must pay attention when buying it.

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