What do the colors of yoga mat affect your yoga practice ?

yoga mat colors


Yoga mat helps practitioners to keep their hands and feet solid on the surface during yoga practices due to its anti-slipping nature. Along with a sticky surface , the yoga mat also defines a space for its own user through choice of yoga mat colors. By picking the right yoga mat colors , we further differentiate our individual space and personalize our mats with unique colors to more accurately reflect who we are . 


Many people think that we can just choose the yoga mat color based on our preference, but they have ignored one significant aspect of the color choice—the influence of color to out mood. You would be surprised by how often you have encountered with your mat in various postures. While the color of your yoga mat doesn’t change based on your mood, it can make your mood change while you are using it.



The following are few explanations of how different colors of yoga mat can affect your mood during exercise.  



Red is a more stimulating color, it gives people a sense of burning and warmth. Those who chose a red yoga mat are usually energetic, vibrant, and passionate, and most likely attracted to the vim and vigor certain yoga styles offer. Yet intense eye contact with red color would affect vision, and easy to produce giddy feeling. Patients with heart and brain illness are usually forbidden to contact red color.



Orange is a color that people can easily notice. It is also a playful color, and instills a child-like quality to your yoga practice. Orange can produce vigor, induce appetite, it is the representative color in warm hue. It also contains meanings of maturity and happiness. An orange yoga mat will bring fun to your practice as you play with different poses.



Yellow is the first color seen right after birth, and is a color symbolizing health. It is healthy and bright because yellow is the most absorbent color in the spectrum. It can stabilize the mood and enhance appetite for healthy practitioners. Thus, radian, joyful yellow could be the right yoga mat color on days you’re feeling a little bit blue. On the other hand, however, people who are depressed and pessimistic may aggravate their negative emotion by using yellow mats.



Since green is often used to represent balance and harmony, it is a kind of steady and comfortable color, have the function of composed nerve, reduce intraocular pressure, remove eye fatigue, improve the muscle motion ability. Natural green also have the soothing effect of syncope, fatigue, nausea and negative emotions. A green yoga mat might give you the sense that you are connected to nature. But staying long time in green environment may cause people to feel cold, affect the secretion of gastric juice, and loss of appetite.



Blue is a comforting color that promotes serenity and peace. It has the function of regulating nerves and tranquilizing. Blue light has an obvious effect on insomnia, lowering blood pressure and preventing colds. Some people travel with blue glasses, which can relieve the symptoms of carsickness and seasickness. But people with mental asthenia, melancholy disease should not contact blue, otherwise will aggravate the symptom.



The color with the shortest wavelength is said to help take awareness to a higher level. This rich and royal tone invokes a sense of elegance, mysterious, and wise presence to your yoga practice. By encouraging deep contemplation and meditation, a purple yoga mat could help your practice reach new spiritual heights.



Pink is the best interpretation of tenderness. Experiment evidence suggests that watching the color of pink will reduce people’s level of rage and calm down soon. Because pink can reduce adrenal hormone secretion, people with autism and depression are recommended to use pink yoga mat for exercise.



Black is a classic and ageless color choice that will always stand the test of time. Because of its sedative effect, black can restore stability to patients with agitation, irritability, insomnia and panic.



Gray is a kind of extremely amiable color which can cooperate with any color. It has no negative effect to health.


Picking yoga mat colors for you is like getting the best tool to help finding your true self. Because the color of your yoga mat can either inspire or dampen your enthusiasm with regard to your yoga practice, it is important for us to get the right color. While stimulant colors such as orange, pink, red and black are tend to provoke nerve of each individual, mild color tones including green, blue, yellow, and grey are more suitable for yoga meditation that requires calming mind.  


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