All the Things You Should Know About Yoga Ball Before Yoga Ball Excerises


Do you know there are many ways to enjoy yoga other than simply moving your own body? For yogis who aim to increase balance and flexibility, I recommend adding a yoga ball for your yoga practice. Yoga ball is an oversize, inflatable ball that can give strong support for moves as well as add extra challenge to certain yoga poses. This following guide will give you a better idea about what is a yoga ball and how to choose one just for you.

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The History of Yoga Ball

Let’s first take a look of the story of yoga ball. The invention of yoga ball did not begin with the birth of yoga. Instead, it is a new way to practice yoga found in the modern society. Originally known as “Swiss Ball,” yoga ball was first developed by an Italian plastics manufacturer named Aquilino Cosani in 1963 and was used as a tool to treat neuromuscular disorders. It was after American physical therapists witnessed the benefits of “Swiss Ball” in Switzerland that yoga ball was quickly adopted into many fields including yoga as a tool for exercise.



Nowadays, due to the increasing number of yoga practitioners from varied ages and body conditions, there is a need to find a way that enables people from different backgrounds to adapt yoga. And yoga ball is a great tool to do so.




What Can You Do with A Yoga Ball?

There are so many benefits you can have by exercising with a yoga ball. With its round shape, softness, elasticity and other physical characteristics, yoga ball can not only reduce body injuries throughout your yoga practice, but also freely cooperate with body movements for stretching or poses that require full use of yoga mechanisms. Following is a close look on how yoga ball can be used in different circumstances.



During Yoga Practice

When yoga ball is used in yoga practice, you can try a lot of new and creative poses with it. One easy pose would be the Seated Spinal Twist. By simply taking a seat on the ball and twisting your spine, you can ease the pressure of your lower waist and pelvis. For more challenging poses, if you want to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles, you can do the Bridge pose with a yoga ball by lying flat on your back and resting your feet on the ball, then contracting the abdominals to lift the hips up. With the use of yoga ball, you can train yourself to get extra stability and support for your body movements in yoga practice.



For Stretching

Yoga ball is an ideal item for stretching. Stretching your back with a yoga ball is a classical move for body stretch. Not only does your back feel relaxed, but it also gives your abs, chest, and shoulders a great stretch. By stretching different muscles, yoga ball also helps you to strengthen the connective tissue that support the joints of the body.



For Weight Loss

If you want to reshape your body, adding a yoga ball to your exercise is a great way to burn fat faster. Yoga ball is a perfect equipment for an abdominal workout. By doing push-ups or plank with a yoga ball, it will boost extra effect on core strengthen as well as fat burning.



During pregnancy

Since yoga ball can reduce lower back pain, it can also be used during pregnancy. Sitting on a yoga ball can help you feel more comfortable by relieving the pressure of your back. It is also a good exercise that can prepare you better for giving birth.




How to Choose Yoga Ball?

To best cooperate yoga practice with yoga ball, you have to pick the yoga ball with the right size. A yoga ball with the right size should allow you to sit on the ball with your hips and knees showing approximately 90 degrees. It also needs to be big enough so that you can remain balance when you use the yoga ball. Meanwhile, for beginners, I also suggest that you choose a small yoga ball so that you can control your moves easily and safely. Our TOPLUS Yoga Ball includes multiples sizes to meet all your needs. Our detailed sizing chart can also help you find the ideal ball size that ensures safety and comfort for your yoga ball experience.




When You Use Yoga Ball

After you purchased your yoga ball, here are several points you need to notice when you do your training. Safety is the top mission for all physical sports. When you plan to use yoga ball for your practice, find a place where the floor is not slippery. You can always place the ball against the wall or placing a towel on the floor if you find the ball wobbly. The air filled in the yoga ball should be about 80%, because yoga ball with too much air is too flexible to use. It may also cause body injury. At last, avoid any poses that may cause pain or discomfort. And take your time with all poses.



Yoga ball is a great item for yoga practice. It is safe, easy to use, and fun! Whether you want to try something new or hope to add more challenge to your yoga routine, trying a yoga ball is definitely a wonderful and exciting option.


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