Little secret hide in Suryanamaskara you may not know

Suryanamaskara is a basic yoga practice. Many of us start our yoga journey with this practice. However, do you really understand it? Today, we want to share some tips about suryanamaskara to help you learn more about it. sūryanamaskāra

Quote from PATTABHIS JOIS, Indian yoga expert: Sūryanamaskāra builds foundational energy and concentration for the rest of the practice.

Thus, learn suryanamaskara is important for us to understand the benefits comes from posture breathing (pranayama).


Ashtanga yoga originates from suryanamaskara. Thousand years ago, the sun means health and power, people warship sun as the god, and suryanamaskara holds all important elements in yoga practice, physically, philosophically and Spiritually.

Let’s be more specific, these elements are vinyasa, inhale, exhale, Drishti, convergence and meditation. Without these elements, suryanamaskara would have no difference with other exercises. When you practice suryanamaskara, you have to pay attention to these elements and fell them, they are essential elements in practice.

Elements in suryanamaskara

1. Vinyasa 

“Vinyasa” is combined by “vi” and “nyasa”, which means “specific” and “position”. Vinyasa means “system of breath and movement”, in the whole exercise, breathing and movement are strictly matched.

Suyanamaskara brings the concept of vinyasa, it teaches us how to synchronize breathing and movement. When the breathing is strong and powerful, and it is properly coordinated with the movement, this flow of breathing will run through the entire practice, which will strengthen our vitality, strength, flexibility and concentration.


2. Drishti (Gaze)

Drishti means where to gaze when you practice, it will help you stretch your body. ( physical and Spiritual). This will help you concentrate while practice.


3. Bhanda

Bhanda is the energy lock. Here are 4 types of bhanda in Yoga, Jalandhara Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Tres Bandha and Mula Bandha.

In Sanskrit bandha means to lock and hold, it is meat to unleash potential vitality. Then move and guide the energy from the internal source to the interior body. You can practice Bhanda to create and increase energy inside.


4. Meditation

When practice suryanamaskara, we should spiritual focus on the sun, which means, when to practice, we meditate about the sun. The meditation is the inner meaning for suryanamaskara.

Sun gives life to all, without sun, we will have nothing. Meditation on the sun can bring these qualities to our hearts and contribute to the health of the body and mind. When practicing Japanese worship, remember to be in the heart: worshipping Japanese gives us physical and mental energy, eliminates disease, finds inner happiness and ultimate relief.

Thus. Practice suryanamaskara every day is good advice.

Practice Suryanamaskara every day

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