Can practice yoga cure insomnia?

In a fast-paced society, many people often suffer from insomnia due to stresses such as work and life. Some of them may go to see a psychiatrist because of insomnia. So what should I do with insomnia?  And can practice yoga cure insomnia?

Yoga For Insomnia, Can practice yoga cure insomnia?

The reasons why practicing yoga can treat insomnia are as follows:1. Practicing yoga relaxes tight muscles and internal organs, smoothes blood flow and eliminates fatigue which leads the brain into deep sleep. 2. According to the theory of a yoga genre in India, insomnia is often caused by excessive heat in the right vein and excessive heat in the liver. These heats are removed by sit-in yoga that makes the liver cools down. So insomnia is naturally good.

Meditate 5 to 10 minutes can cure insomnia before going to bed

1. After washing at night, supine on the bed and close your eyes, then put a thin pillow under your head and gently put your hands on the navel. Second, you should focus on your breathing. When inhaling, suck the air straight to the abdomen and lift the hand with the abdomen; the deeper the inhalation, the higher the abdomen rises. While exhaling, you can make an "o" sound, then close your lips and make an "m" sound and the abdomen will be inward toward the spine. At last, repeat this process until all the exhaust is exhaled from the lungs. 

2. Then inhale again for 3 to 5 minutes. Note that the sound is loud enough for your ears to hear and focus on the voice echoing in the brain that will relax the cerebral cortex and allow you to enter the quiet inner world until you fall asleep naturally.

The inner principle of yoga meditation

A big reason for affecting sleep quality is psychological stress and change, and yoga has a good effect on the nervous system. Moreover, yoga can effectively strengthen blood circulation, adjust the functions of internal organs such as nerves, spinal cord, and heart, and clear the confusion caused by physical tension. Therefore, through some yoga exercises, we can adjust and relieve our psychological pressure so that we can fall asleep quickly.

Yoga For Insomnia

Some tips for practicing yoga to cure insomnia in the evening

1. Don’t increase the intensity

The intensity of practicing yoga before going to bed at night should not be too large. Just do it properly. If the intensity is too large, the nerve will be in excitement for a long time, but it will affect sleep.

2. Don’t practice too late

It is not too late to practice yoga at night, stop practicing at least two or three hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the nerves and muscles will not recover from the state of excitement that will affect sleep.

3. Take a bath after practicing yoga

It is recommended to take a bath after practicing yoga in the evening. Because the sweat produced by yoga, the toxins that are discharged need to be drained, and the sweat is so uncomfortable, it is impossible to sleep. In addition, the hot bath can relax the body and help sleep.

However, do not go to the bath immediately after practicing yoga. It is best to take more than half an hour, and then take a bath after breathing and heartbeat return to normal, so as not to increase the burden on the heart. Generally, it is not advisable to take a bath immediately after practicing yoga. It is best to take a bath after half an hour to an hour because the body will slowly recover from the state of exercise and the heartbeat will return to normal. Only then will it be suitable for bathing.

4. Pay attention to the practice details

In the process of practicing yoga, you should pay attention to the details of each movement to prevent the joints. If the movement of yoga is wrong, it is harmful to the body.


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