how to start a yoga practice: Simple and efficient Yoga Tips for yoga beginners

What Is Yoga

Here are so many Yoga courses, institution and teachers keep telling you how to practice Yoga, However, have you ever thought: what is yoga? What is the right way to practice yoga exactly?

In fact, yoga is more than some simple post or position. Energy flow in every breath and muscle in your body when you practice yoga.

What is yoga

Before the start, you should be objective, what stage are you in? Are you a beginner, with certain experience or looking for advanced improvement. Be clear about these points, then you can develop targeted plans and exercises instead of blindly practice. Choose an advanced course without basic exercise, you may feel too difficult to keep one and lost your interest at last. 

Way to practice, key point, and time.

Nowadays, yoga practice is not only limited to the offline yoga studio online courses are also a good choice. No matter which way do you choose to walk into yoga world, it all could be a great help.

As a Yoga teacher, I suggest a beginner start their journey with yoga studio, practice yoga with professional yoga teacher face to face. It could help you to learn proper post and standing position. If you can not find a good studio, remember to start with a starter class.

How to practice yoga

Try to practice every day at the same time. Be gentle, do not force yourself. Practice should be joyful, leave yourself a period of time that will not be disturbed, your practice cannot be hasty. Morning or evening, you can choose your time. 

Avoid injuries, not only practice but understand why.

Understand your body, before practice any position, learn your body is very important, never force yourself into any position or anything beyond your ability. Remember, Yoga is not for competition. You may progress slowly, but with time passing by, your body would become flexible. Use breath technique to adjust. Force yourself could cause injury, so, don’t. 

Avoid injury in yoga

How to make your yoga plan 

Start with a peaceful heart.

Before practice, Surya Namaskar or any other yoga position, start with a comfortable sitting pose. Savasana is also a good position to start. When you start with a peaceful heart, you can feel yourself better and learn the best position to practice for the day.

Start yoga with a peaceful mind

Choose a yoga type.

This depends on what do you feel. If you are tired or you have a time limit, you can choose the relaxing yoga to practice for the day. Want to make a progress? Then choose an active system like Ashtanga yoga or flow yoga. Of course, all of this would be depends on you. Choose the one suits yourself, the more it suits, the more energy you will gain.

Choose an appropriate yoga type

Make your goal.

This is a simple suggestion, but it will ensure the efficiency of your practice. Focus on your body and feel the progress.

Make your goal

Choose the way you like

Some people think that practice yoga should always challenge themselves with a difficult pose. Forget about it. If you are going to practice yoga long, you got to do it slowly. You could start with 4 or 5 pose that makes yourself feel good, then you will feel satisfaction during the practice.

Start with the pose you like

Stay focus on your class

You could use the psychological suggestion in your class like: I really like this pose. Keep telling yourself this if you got disturbed. As the practice progresses, the number of times this thought will run away will become less and less, and your concentration will be higher and higher. This kind of good energy will support anything in your life and work, and happiness will multiply. This is also to say that yoga is a better explanation of a way of life.

Being focused

Let your body become the one who acts, and your brain the thinker. That is how people increasing attention. You will stay alert in the peace. Remember to ask yourself: Are my bodies and minds all performing their duties? 

Yoga is an exercise that combines action and physical feedback. It is important to focus on the heart and does not need to follow a specific pattern of practice. Your practice can even be concerned with your reaction at work or when you queue up for payment at the store. In fact, it also helped us to make room for practice. Because we are practicing yoga, my heart will be full of gratitude and energy. Bring yoga to your life, enjoy every day with happiness, happiness, and joy.

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