Yoga Stretch | Yoga isn’t supposed to hurt

I believe that the first challenge for every yoga beginner is the pain. People know that yoga has a good effect on improving the health of the body and cultivating a calm mind which is why they start yoga. Some people would be worried that they couldn’t complete the poses because of their stiff body. Meanwhile, they would feel the unbearable pain which is why they quit the practice. Toplus Yoga MatOur muscles, tendons, and joints will feel pain due to the poses of the backward bend, forward bend, twist, and other Asanas when practicing yoga. The practitioner will eagerly want to get free from the pain. And it's very difficult at first, just like a long-time idle rusting machine restarts. But the pain is healthy and you should be clear about this. Because of the pain, the muscles, joints, and spine can be stimulated well, the nerves can be activated, and the blood circulation can be improved. Just as the rust on the machine was wiped off by oil, the rust on the muscles and joints will be wiped off too. Toplus Yoga Mat-eco friendly

Your body will gradually change through the practice of yoga every day. Muscles are gradually relaxed and resilient, the tendon that is tightened is constantly stretched, and the spine and joints will move smoothly. In short, the feeling of pain and stiffness becomes a pleasant pain, giving people a unique feeling. At the same time, the disordered breathing gradually becomes rhythmic. Finally, the movements and the breathing connect with each other. Asanas and moves become steady and beautiful. Toplus Yoga Mat-Non slip

In addition to these benefits of above, there is a great advantage that comes to you unconsciously: concentration. 

Today, fragments of information flood into people's eyes and ears, causing the human brain to be overwhelmed. The five senses are exhausted in the stimulation of excessive information, so the "concentration" has been dissipated. If you can practice yoga every day, your concentration will be greatly improved. The time for work can be shortened from a few hours to dozens of minutes or even shorter after practice.

Except for the stretch pains, there are also many other types of pains. It's better to study under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher, especially for new yoga practitioners.


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