A List of 5 Common Yoga Symbols and Their Meanings


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Maybe you are a yoga beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will see some special symbols of yoga in yoga classes or studios. It can be a beautiful flower or look like an interracial language. But, how much do you know about yoga symbols? It's time to explore the secret about symbols of yoga.             


1. What are yoga symbols & Why they are important? 

A symbol is a graphical representation of an idea, concept, or relationship. Yoga symbols, like quotes, are an important part of human communication and are meant to convey a message, idea, concept, experience, and spiritual belief in a visual form. Creating yoga symbols is to elevate consciousness and bring insight into one’s spiritual path. Therefore, they are important in communicating truths and to guide yoga practitioners toward achieving inner peace and enlightenment.      


2. What do yoga symbols represent?

We put together a list of 5 common yoga symbols.

Om/Aum: The Om symbol looks like the number 30 that wearing a cute hat and it is composed of the pronunciation of the three letters A-U-M. As one of the most common symbols in the yogi tradition, yoga practitioners usually chant it at the beginning and end of yoga classes, as well as during meditation, which opens their third eye and connects to the divine force of the universe. Om is considered to be the most powerful prayer, and it has continued for thousands of years.  

This image represents the primary goal of yoga to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Every element in the image is meaningful:

  • The longest stroks at the bottom of the symbol represents the dream state.
  • The circular stroks in the middle of the symbol represents a deep dreamless sleep state.
  • The upper stroks of the symbol represent the state of awakening.
  • The crescent at the top represents the veil or illusion of an illusion.
  • The dot in the crescent moon represents the abstract transcendent realm. When the human spirit passes through the veil and experiences transcendental consciousness, human beings will gain real freedom and no longer exist in any form.

Yoga Symbol: Om/Aum


Mandala: The Sanskrit word Mandala translates to “circle” and it is considered a symbol of the universe, which can bring balance, harmony, and unity. Typically, Mandala was previously used by yoga practitioners as meditation to focus on their minds.

Colors used in mandalas are visually appealing and alluring, check different meaning with 8 colors.

  • Red Mandala means strength;
  • Pink Mandala means love and femininity;
  • Purple Mandala means anything spiritual;
  • Black Mandala means mystery, deep thinking, and individuality;
  • Yellow Mandala means learning, wisdom, laughter, and happiness;
  • Blue Mandala means emotional healing, inner peace, and meditation;
  • Green Mandala means physical healing, physical ability and love of nature;
  • Orange Mandala means creativity, transformation, self-awareness, and intuition.


Yoga Symbol: Mandala



Lotus Flower: Lotus flower exists everywhere in the yoga world, such as yoga mats, yoga aids, and even tattoos. The key to understanding lotus flower symbolism is to consider the way that lotus flowers grow. It grows from dark, muddy waters but blossoms into a pure and gorgeous flower. How amazing it is!

-What do different forms of lotus flower represent?

  • The blooming lotus represents the discovery of the inner divinity, and also means the opening of the soul. It is the perfect symbol of rebirth, purity, and enlightenment.
  • The closed lotus flower represents an un-enlightened yoga practitioner on the path of enlightenment.


Yoga Symbol: Lotus Flower


-What do the different colors of lotus flower mean?

  • A white lotus means purity;
  • A red lotus means the heart;
  • A pink lotus means the true lotus of Buddha;
  • A blue lotus means common sense and wisdom;
  • A purple lotus means mysticism and the 8-fold path to Buddhism;

As a classic symbol of yoga, yoga practitioners believe that the lotus flower symbolizes the human journey of overcoming any unfortunate situation and stepping into self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment. The power of the lotus flower is important for yoga practitioners. The world yoga practitioners live in doesn’t tend to be completely pure but the lotus flower gives faith that yoga practitioners can flourish.


Hamsa (Evil Eye): Hamsa is composed of five fingers. It is very similar to humans' palms, palms are often decorated with "evil eyes", which are considered to avoid any harm or danger. As an important symbol in most cultures, yoga practitioners believe that Hamsa can provide appropriate protection and bring good luck and strength. Typically, Hamsa is often founded as the decorative element in houses, on key chains, on jewelry items, in paintings and other artworks, and is quickly gaining popularity as an amulet in baby carriages. In addition to averting the gaze of the evil eye, it brings its wearer or owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.


Yoga Symbol: Hamsa (Evil Eye)


Buddha: The image of the Buddha is one of the most popular symbols in Buddhism and is also used in yoga. Buddha is a Sanskrit word and it means "awakener"-a yoga Practitioner that has reached enlightenment. Buddha has many different forms of expression, but most of them symbolize forms of protection, calmness, meditation, and guiding. It can remind yoga practitioner 3 things: Don't be ignorant; don't hate others and don't get angry.    


Yoga Symbol: Buddha



3. How to use these yoga symbols?

You can gather some yoga symbols into your wardrobe, and wear jewelry with the symbols on it, or you can even find decorative pieces with the symbols, to place in your home. Just having the symbols close by you will elevate your yoga practices and boost your concentration, inner peace, and connection with god. You can also place one of these images in front of you to gaze at while practicing meditation.


Yoga symbols are a powerful tool to create insight and understanding of the practice. They visually convey a concept, teaching, or spiritual idea that can be used in your meditation practice to focus your mind and induce a state of contemplation and absorption. We hope these symbols of yoga will inspire you to learn and experience the deeper meanings of yoga. Do these yoga symbols motivate you?

Please let us know if there any more symbols that you’d like us to explain and we’d like to get back to you asap!  

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