Balance Yoga : 3 Yoga Body Exercise Balance, Anti-Fall


After eight weeks of yoga exercises, twice a week, the average balance index improved by 15 percent and increased confidence in adapting to everyday life, according to study by Dr. Arlene Schmid of Indiana University Medical Center.


Yoga Balance Exercise


How yoga improves balance is a bit complicated to explain.
It consists of both physical and mental parts, which, after practice, help to coordinate movements. A good sense of balance is not only good for stroke patients, but also helps the general population maintain a center of gravity. A good balance can improve the fitness person's activity level, prevent falls and injuries, and improve attention.



The following three yoga poses improve balance: 



Tree Pose

tree yoga


  1. Put your hands together on your chest, your fingers up, and up.
  2. Stand on one leg, and the other foot is attached to the ankles of the standing foot.
  3. Move up slowly until you feel unstable, and try to maintain this position.
  4. Change your feet and do it again.



Bird-dog Pose

Bird-dog yoga


  1. Get down on your knees, your palms under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.
  2. The right arm stretches forward and the left leg extends to the rear for a while.
  3. Change the side and do it again.



Chair Pose

Chair pose yoga


  1. Feet stand on the floor with arms outstretched.
  2. Imagine a chair behind you, sitting as far down as possible, with your thighs at the right angle from your calves.
  3. Your upper body bends slowly downwards and extends forward, with your back remembering to straighten.



It's not hard to master balance by practicing through the above knowledge points. I hope you will gain a healthier body by practicing yoga.


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