5 Misconceptions about Yoga that You Need to Know

With the popularization of health concepts, yoga is loved by many fitness people. Inevitably, beginners have some misconceptions about yoga, which is harmful to the practice. What are the disadvantages of yoga misconceptions? What are the misconceptions about yoga and correct views? How to avoid yoga misconception as much as possible? Read below for details.        


1. What are the disadvantages of yoga misconceptions?

  • Unadvanced thoughts: Incorrect thoughts about yoga will limit people to know the core of yoga. These incorrect ideas have either attracted those desiring only physical challenges or scared off many who saw yoga as too esoteric. Yoga is neither of these misperceptions nor is yoga something to be blindly followed.
  • Harmful to the body: Many beginners have preconceived and incorrect notions of yoga. People always feel at a loss in the initial stage of learning yoga. They eagerly searched for various yoga-related practice videos on the Internet, followed by the continuous concave shape of the video. Instead, blind practice increases the chance of injury. 

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2. FAQs


yoga misconcepts


Q1:Is yoga only for flexible people?

A1:This is one of the classic misconceptions about yoga. Can’t do yoga? Or not flexible enough? That is exactly why people should start a yoga practice. People don’t have to be flexible because Yoga helps people become flexible. Like anything else in life, improvement comes with practice. No matter what the skill level is, consistent practice will help people improve not only flexibility but balance and strength as well. Don’t let yoga misconceptions like this one keep people from giving it a try. Anyone can benefit from the practice of yoga as long as be patient and approaches the practice with an open mind.


Q2:Is yoga just for women?   

A2:Well, this is not accurate. Although yoga is very popular among women, it is not only women who practice yoga. In fact, men are also practicing yoga because it helps men to relax and relieve stress. Yoga was actually started by men thousands of years ago and it is as equally beneficial to men as to women. According to the related statistics shows that the ratio of men practicing yoga has been growing over the years! Therefore, both men and women can practice yoga. You can be involved in it if you want to.   


5 Misconceptions about Yoga that You Need to Know


Q3:Does complicated yoga poses mean practicing yoga well?

A3: Of course not. Yoga poses are one of the parts of yoga, and complex poses are not equal to practicing yoga well. Complicated yoga postures mean high requirements on all aspects of the body, and often it requires a long time to stretch or support. Honestly, there are plenty of people who love yoga and never achieve those complicated poses we see in photos. Because everyone has different body foundations and it is difficult to do it with complicated pose if there is no exercise process. For some people who have the insufficient muscle strength and bad flexibility, it is easy to cause tendon injuries and will make the joint becomes unstable. So yogis need to keep at it and step by step for further practice.


Q4:Is thicker mat suitable for anybody?

A4:That’s far away from the truth. According to the recommendations of relevant experts, people at different levels have different requirements for the thickness of yoga mats and the thickness of the international standard yoga is 6mm. For yoga beginners, it is suitable for the 8mm-10mm yoga mat. Because this thickness can ensure that the knee joints are not injured and can maintain balance. While 6mm mats are perfect for yoga mid-level practitioners. As for senior yoga yogis, they’d like to choose 4mm yoga mats. So choose the yoga mats according to your level.


Q5:Is yoga an easy and gentle stretching? 

A5:This is a rumor clearly started by someone who hasn’t attended a yoga class themselves. Yoga is the practice of patience, peace, and fortitude. It’s not definitely just stretching but the focus on strength-both of the mental and the physical.


3. How to avoid yoga misconception as much as possible?

  • Learn the related information: you can get the information from multi-channel such as yoga magazines, yoga studios, videos, various professional websites, etc. 
  • Choose a professional teacher: You know how important to pick a qualified tutor if you go to the yoga studio. A professional teacher with a high level and rich yoga experience will solve most of your doubts and offer the correct guidance on postures. You can go to a studio occasionally but practice at home every day.
  •  Adjust the mindset: People are misled easily by unclear purpose and those who don’t know yoga at all. So adjust the mindset to make sure why to practice yoga. People should abandon all misunderstandings, learn about yoga, and judge instead of just listening to what others say. Don’t let yoga misconceptions like this one keep you from giving it a try.


These misconceptions about yoga deserve people to rethink. People should understand its’ disadvantages and pay attention to how to avoid yoga misconception as much as possible so as to bring benefits to people's health. Especially for beginners, it is necessary to practice step by step.


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