Zen Music Gives You Different Yoga Experience

People tend to listen to music in all aspects of work and life. Music seems to be an indispensable part. Do you listen to music while doing yoga? Actually, music is significant. In the process of yoga practice, no matter it is pranayamas, meditations, or asanas, there should be very slow, gentle, graceful and graceful music to help practitioners relax their body and mind, focus on the mind, as soon as possible into the state of tranquility, so that yoga practice to achieve the desired effect.

zen music

Zen music is popular among yogis for its slow rhythm of solemnity and pathos. Importantly, Zen music provides a key sound, often a specific frequency, that resonates with a particular Chakra, or energy center in the body, or mind - to help alleviate stress, and stress-related problems, and to promote relaxed stillness, inner peace and spiritual connection. Here are four beautiful pieces of Zen music that would help you feel relaxed and focused while doing yoga.

1: The Lotus in the Mountains (by Büdi Siebert) 

Modern instruments electric guitar and traditional frame drum fusion without a sense of harmony, like a dreamlike sound. The melodious Zen sound is profound as if people can see the deep dawn, see the ancient yesterday, and see everything that cannot understand.

2: Binaural Beats and Earth Frequencies 

Pure music sounds like people are above the clouds, very leisurely. Listening while you meditate, the mind and body slowly relax, remove distractions from the brain, breathing becomes natural.

3: Idé Weré Weré (by Deva Premal)

A very popular piece of music among yogis, with elements of Zen music. The song is full of rhythm and the harmonious melody is very infectious, releasing the purity of love. The ethereal voice and spiritual chanting make the heart instant quiet, impetuousness has also been cleared

4: Lotus Call, Pt. 1 (by Büdi Siebert)

Each mantra has its own life, its secret code of the world's truth, with the power of time and the belief of generations. No logic to decode, no intelligence to analyze, just listen quietly and you will feel the power of Prajna.

Music with beautiful melody can soothe the impetuous mood, make the body relax, relieve pressure, and stimulate brain activity, so that people complete the work more efficiently. The slow tempo and solemn melody of Zen music can calm your mind, relax your muscles, relieve the stress of your day while doing yoga, and also help you sleep better.




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