To pursue the meaning and value of life through yoga

It's a wonderful thing that people can find meaning in their lives and fight for it. However, many people never find the true meaning of life. Maybe, some of them believe that house, car, honor and position are the meaning of life, and feel that other people's lives are meaningless. The reason is they don't look at themselves, really looking deep down. What is the point of life? We can refer to the goal of yoga philosophy- realize self and achieve unity. We need to understand our purpose, to find some meaning and to be happy and satisfied in life we need to know who we are.

what is the point of life

Yoga is a popular sport all over the world which is not only a physical exercise, but also one that pays great attention to mental health. The ultimate goal of yoga is to make you understand the meaning and value of life. First of all, let's learn about the various physical benefits of yoga, and how to make people understand the meaning and value of life on the spiritual level.

Physical benefits:

  1. Reduce weight and shape:Yoga can stretch the muscular system and make muscles more flexible, make adipose combustion, and achieve the goal that reduces weight, and make the scale of figure more reasonable at the same time, which is especially helpful for girls who want a good figure.
  2. Correct posture and relieve back pain: It is tempting to stay in bed when your back hurts, but doctors no longer recommend extended bed rest. Yoga can helpalleviate back pain by increasing flexibility and muscle strength, and correct the deformity of the spine caused by daily fatigue or poor posture.
  3. Boost metabolism:Yoga play a role of self-massage for the internal organs through pushing, pulling, twisting, squeezing, stretching and other postures. Meanwhile, yoga can help strengthen physiological functions, endocrine regulation, make the human body metabolism better, delay aging, and keep the young beautiful appearance.
  4. Enhance resistance: Yoga can build up one's resistance. Daily rhythmic yoga can effectively prevent various diseases such as migraine, insomnia, constipation, gastroenteritis, arthritis and so on.


what is the point of life

Mental benefits:

  1. Stay calm and focused:Yoga emphasizes the integration of the mind and body, controlling the breath to meditate and feel nature. You can experience sensations of calm, connection, clarity, and concentration by practicing yoga. And negative thought, emotion, or physical sensation eating away at you has miraculously subsided.
  2. Reduce depression and anxiety: Yoga, with its emphasis on purposeful movements and the use of breath to guide us through asanas, can help with depression and anxiety, counteracts lethargy and agitation associated with depression and anxiety, and can nurture and support participation in social, work, and intimate relationships.
  3. Understand the value of life:When the mood is calm without anxiety, we can have experienced a deeper connection between our mind and body, as well as more intimacy with our internal experiences, for instance, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. With this deeper connection and intimacy comes less judgment and evaluation of those internal experiences, we begin to feel our personal well-being, our individual worth, and the meaning of life.


People should strive for the things they love and pursue the meaning of life. In the face of difficulties, we should persevere, actively solve problems, and do not give up. The dawn of victory lies ahead. But sometimes, we should stop to sum up the experience and think about the direction and meaning of life. So let's stop and do yoga!

what is the point of life



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