The Potato Diet And Healthy Recipes

The potato diet is a very popular short-term fad diet that can achieve rapid weight loss. Though many variations exist, the most basic version claims to help you lose up to one pound (0.45 kg) a day by eating nothing but plain potatoes. The potato diet can help you lose weight because potatoes are very low in calories and contain a unique protease inhibitor that helps reduce hunger by slowing digestion. However, the potato diet has some side effects for our body, the main thing is that potatoes lack two major nutrients — protein and fat. If you choose to follow the potato diet long term or in frequent bouts, you may put yourself at risk for several nutrient deficiencies. In a word, this is probably the best way to lose weight except regular exercise. At the same time, potato diet has other unexpected benefits for us.   

potato diet

Potatoes are rich in potassium, folic acid and iron which can provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Meanwhile, potatoes contain plant fiber. Studies have shown that fiber diet can prevent obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, while promoting intestinal health and reducing constipation. One of the most important potential benefit of potatoes is their low price. You don't need to spend high price to customize dietetic meals, only a few dollars' worth of potatoes, can let you become the ideal slim figure. When it comes to the health benefits of food, the most important thing is the proper combination of three meals. Here is a three-day sample meal plan for you that follows the rules of the potato diet.

potato diet

Day 1  

If you have had a rich diet before, you need to adapt to the changes in the potato diet. The meal plan for day 1 consists of 8 medium-sized potatoes (1.2 kg), provided roughly 700 calories and 68 mg of vitamin A.

Breakfast: 1 boiled potatoes with a cup of milk or unsweetened soy milk

Snack: potato salad, included 1 boiled potato, cucumber seed and salad dressing.

Lunch: 2 boiled potatoes, served mashed

Snack: 2 boiled potato, served cold

Dinner: Oven-baked, oil-free French fries with a dash of chili powder and salt

potato diet

Day 2

The second day, initially adapted to the potato food, you can choose to increase the amount of potatoes to supplement the daily energy consumption. The meal plan uses 11 medium-sized potatoes and provides roughly 950 calories.

Breakfast: 1 boiled potatoes with a cup of black tea

Snack: 2 baked hash browns with a cup of water

Lunch: broccoli potato soup, cut two peeled potatoes into small pieces and cook with broccoli.

Snack: 2 boiled potatoes, served cold with salt and other seasoning

Dinner: 2 plain, baked potatoes.

potato diet

Day 3

You've been doing it for two days, the third day is critical. The stored fat in your body has already started to be used up and you would feel very hungry, so you have to increase your energy intake. The meal plan for day 3 uses 15 medium-sized potatoes (2.4 kg) and provides roughly 1,350 calories.

Breakfast: baked fries with a cup of coffee

Snack: 3 boiled potatoes, served cold

Lunch: mashed potato with purple cabbage, no fat or sugar added

Snack: 3 boiled potatoes, served cold

Dinner: 4 steamed potatoes with a dash of salt


It must be noted, however, not all potato diet can help us lose weight and be good for our health. It depends on how we cook it. French fries are made from potatoes cooked at a high temperature, which tend to affect appetite, lead to obesity, and also contain a lot of carcinogens. Meanwhile, sprouted potatoes should not be eaten, it contains solanine, which can cause toxic vomiting.

Reasonable diet is the source that maintains human body function, it is the foundation of health. It is necessary to keep a balanced diet .You'd better eat enough vegetables which contain rich vitamin, proper meat is needed, too. It is important to do regular exercises, such as running or playing badminton. Keeping high mood is good for mentally health. We should renew our spirits and release our stress, so that we can have a good attitude towards life.

potato diet

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