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Maybe you have already completed some yoga poses, or have only saw a yoga class through the studio window at your gym while you ran on the treadmill or lifted with dumbbells and barbells. At all events, starting a gentle yoga practice to your routine is a great option because it can bring healthier and more comfortable exercise results, even better in some ways than regular yoga.

Compared with regular yoga, gentle yoga is a great yoga for beginners. The way that gentle yoga works without putting any unnecessary strain on the practitioner is by using modifications of standard hatha yoga poses. It encourages movement with a gentle, comfortable way without the potential for strain. And gentle yoga focuses on alignment and breathing techniques of the common, foundational yoga poses giving beginners ample opportunity to learn practice the basic principles. Furthermore, gentle yoga practice encourages mindfulness. Because you are comfortably holding non-strenuous poses for many minutes, focusing on relaxing into the stretch, there is the time to just “be”. Unlike higher intensity vinyasa flow yoga, Students need spend a lot of energy and attention during the class!

Gentle yoga is so healthy that should be introduced to you. Here’re four common and comfortable gentle yoga poses with simple five-minute sequence:

I: Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Sit on the floor with the soles of your feet together, heels close to the base of your thighs, and grab the toes of your feet with both hands. Press your left and right knees down so they touch the ground separately, like a butterfly flapping its wings. Then sit quietly with your body weight on your hips and thighs and feel the sciatic nerve pain disappear.

During this process, you can control the rhythm of breathing and meditation, relax your mood and muscles, and avoid fatigue. Gentle yoga also attaches great importance to the coordination of the body and mind.


Gentle Yoga

II: Single leg support

Raise your hands together over your head, and slowly lift one leg to your thigh and balance with the other. After holding it for a while, replace it with another leg for support.

Gentle yoga is gentle and comfortable because by modifying the standard hatha yoga pose, it means that the yogi does not go deep into a particular pose. For instance, to perform this pose, general yogi usually would balance on one leg while holding onto the big toe of the other leg, which he or she would straighten before bending the body toward the raised knee.


Gentle Yoga

III: Spread your arms and fingers

Stand up straight and spread your arms out parallel to the ground, spread all five fingers forcefully while keeping your eyes focused on the middle finger. After a few minutes you can turn your head to the other side.

This pose is designed to maximize the stretch of the body and upper body muscles. Get more oxygen into your body, increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood and relieving fati.gentle yoga

IV: Lunges support

Stand on the ground, right foot backward, left foot bend, big leg is 90 degrees, make lunge shape. Put your hands together on your chest and apply pressure from the waist, twist your body to the left, and twist your head at the same time, looking up to the left.

This action can reduce the abdominal and waist fat, create a perfect small waist, but also can treat constipation.gentle yoga



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