Yoga Constellation Collection (1)-Aquarius


Many people are exposed to yoga, perhaps because it can lose weight and shape, or because it is simple. But yoga, which is popular in many different places in the world, is not only a fashionable and fitness sport. It is a method of knowledge and energy cultivation, integrating philosophy, science, and art.

Constellations imply a person's personality, nature, and deeper desire and motivation in interpersonal relationships. In other words, constellations imply the deepest thoughts in our hearts. Yoga, on the other hand, seeks out the most authentic feelings in the heart by stretching the body and relaxing the spirit.    

12 constellations result in different health needs. Different yoga postures have different effects. Find yoga poses that belong to your horoscope and make yoga happy with your body and mind. Therefore, people with different constellations will have different perceptions of different yoga factions. Here we will start with the Aquarius, let’s start!   



1. About Aquarius   

Yes, you read that correctly! Aquarius starts on January 20 and ends on February 18. According to different birth dates, people are divided into twelve constellations. The twelve constellations correspond to twelve legends. It leads to different personalities of the twelve constellations. The matching relationships are Gemini and Libra.

Aquarius is a mystic. They are full of research spirit, loves all novelty and fresh things, and are willing to accept new discoveries. In addition, they also adore freedom and like to be different. In the information age, they are easily attracted by strange things such as strange networks and unable to withdraw, causing brain drowsiness and life-buoy proliferation. 

The relationship between constellations and yoga is really wonderful. In fact, to a certain extent, constellations and yoga are “in the same vein”. Besides, they Love freedom and fickleness, but the dreams are infinite. Not only have a lot of good friends, but also the elderly love. You have high ideals and don't like being restricted. Active and spiritual, with an interest in everything.


2. What are the Yoga style and asanas for Aquarius?

  • Yoga style for Aquarius-Jivamukti

Well, for the yoga style of Aquarius, we collected mass relevant information and we found out that Jivamukti yoga is the best partner. Maybe you will feel strange to Jivamukti but if you are a yogi, you may hear about it more or less. 

The Jivamukti Yoga method is a proprietary style of yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984. Jivamukti is a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice, combining a vigorous yoga as exercise, vinyasa-based physical style with adherence to five central tenets: Shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsā (nonviolence, non-harming), nāda (music), and dhyana (meditation). It also emphasizes animal rights, veganism, environmentalism, and social activism.

Jivamukti Yoga has developed a reputation as the chosen yoga style of many celebrities. These yoga practitioners focus on spirituality, devotion, and non-violence. Many Jivamukti yogis are considered vegetarian and environmental activists.

Aquarius is known for its humanitarian ideas. Jivamukti Yoga will help you listen to your inner feelings for Aquarius, unify your actions with your inner thoughts, and use yoga to debug your mood and be filled with satisfaction.  


  • Yoga asanas for Aquarius-Mountain Pose

When it comes to efficacy, here it is: The mountain style is a posture that teaches people to stand. Besides, it can stretch your limbs and boost your spirits. Standing is something we do every day, but few people pay attention to it. To paraphrase Hamlet, it means "a thousand people have a thousand standing postures."

Because of our wrong standing style, we did not evenly distribute the weight of our bodies on our feet, which caused some deformities in our bodies and affected The elasticity of our spine. By mountain-style, contracting the hips, tightening the abdomen, and straightening the chest, we will feel light, agile and active.



3. Conclusion.

Now we talk about the connections between Aquarius and Yoga, we'll find more connections of the rest of constellation in the next step. Taking advantage of your constellation's advantages can do more with less.

Check the yoga mat to find which constellation you belong to and what is the best poses for you.



Please feel free to comment below to let us know your ideas. Let's explore the secret of yoga and constellations together. Looking forward to your sharing!        




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