Why Do You Need A Travel Yoga Mat?

Yoga is the ideal sport for travelling. It has many benefits for travelers including relaxing your tight muscles on a long flight, moderating your flared temper caused by jet lag and improving the loss of appetite. Yoga practice can be done at anytime and anywhere as long as you have a travel yoga mat. But what is so special about a travel yoga mat compared to a regular one? Here I will tell you many things that you have not noticed about travel yoga mat.


Unlike a normal yoga mat, a travel yoga mat is lightweight and easy to pack. I know one thing many travelers don’t like is to pack a heavy suitcase. Therefore, for those who want to do yoga on the road, it is best to pack a travel yoga mat with you. Moreover, while a travel yoga mat does not have the same thickness as regular mats, many travel yoga mats manage to be supportive enough. You can always place a towel on top for extra comfort. It can also serve a great cover if you attend a yoga class on vacation. By placing your travel yoga mat on top of the rental masts, then you can practice yoga on a surface that is both clean and comfortable. Whether you practice your yoga in a hotel room or on the way to your destination, having your own travel yoga mat is always a good and necessary option.


To choose the perfect travel yoga mat, here are few things to keep in mind.


  • Weight& Packability

As I mentioned above, it is important to have a travel yoga mat that is lightweight and easy to be packed since you have to travel a lot and having a large luggage is never a wise choice.


  • Texture &Material

A good travel yoga mat needs to be sticky enough so that you can hold all poses firmly. But it should not be too rough when you are performing any relaxing poses. Keep in mind in the mat material, since some may smell pretty bad when you use the mat for the first time. Choose the right texture and material for you can also be crucial if you have sensitive skin.


  • Sustainability

Since you will travel for long distance, you will need a travel yoga mat that can be easily maintained and usable for long-term travel. More importantly, since it’s unlikely you will stay in one place for too long, getting a mat that can be dried quickly is also emergent. While I believe practicing yoga in a hotel room may be the most common choice for travelers, it won’t surprise if you want to practice outdoor such as on the beach or on the grass. Therefore, you need a travel yoga mat that can be used in varied places.


  • Price

We all know the importance of price when we buy a product. Indeed, since we only use travel yoga mat when we are travelling, it is reasonable for us to get a travel yoga mat for a fair price.


Together with our , I will share an overview of several yoga mats sold in the market. Hopefully, this comparison can give you a better idea when you decide to buy a travel yoga mat.


Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat

YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat







Weight (lbs)








3.2 mm











Natural Rubber

Natural Tree Rubber

PVC, 6P Free

Natural Tree Rubber

Natural Rubber


Durable but not for long-term travel, Easy to clean

Durable, Hard to clean

Not for long-term use in the sun, Easy to Clean

Durable, Easy to clean

Durable, Easy to Clean








travel yoga mat

Let me introduce you to our TOPLUS yoga mat. With a great number of characteristics (including a fair price, light weight, supportive thickness, eco-friendly material, sticky texture, great sustainability, and foldability), TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat can also be a great choice for travelers. Coming with a beautiful travel bag, you can put your folded TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat into the bag and carry it to anywhere you want for a long-term trip. Practicing yoga with our high-quality travel yoga mat can certainly give you a wonderful experience in your journey.


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Toplus Travel Yoga Mat


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