What You Should To Know About Nude Yoga?

nude yoga

If you are new to yoga, you must be shocked when you first hear the term of nude yoga. While it may be hard for you to imagine the scene of practicing yoga without clothes, nude yoga has existed for a long time and become more and more popular in recent yoga community. Yet, there are much more you need to know about nude yoga. Why is there a nude yoga community? And why do yogis want to practice nude yoga together? This blog will give you a better idea about why nude yoga matters.


What is Nude Yoga?

The history of nude yoga begins in the ancient time as a spiritual practice. For a long time, nude yoga had mainly been practiced by males. Today, however, it is a type of yoga that can be done by all genders. In fact, there is an increasing number of nude yoga class opened in western countries.


I know the scene of naked men and women doing yoga in the same space can sometimes does sound a bit like nude yoga porn. And many people do think nude yoga as “sexy nude yoga.” But nude yoga is not any kind of unhealthy sexualized activity. What we called nude yoga girl has nothing to do with sex or porn. The goal for girls doing nude yoga is to encourage females step out of their comfort zone and get rid of the insecurity about their physical appearance. Therefore, the very meaning of nude yoga is about accepting your own body and jumping out the barrier of society.


The Benefits of Nude Yoga

Here are three benefits nude yoga can give to your body and overall yoga practice.


It allows you to focus on your body. Many yogis who have tried nude yoga find it a more productive and natural way of doing yoga than being fully clothed. Without the restriction of clothing, you can also have a greater freedom of movement in nude yoga practice.


It enables you to your body in its true form. Since you are completely naked in your yoga practice, you can notice more details about your body movements when you are doing certain poses. Either you are doing nude yoga alone or at a class, you have a better idea about how to perform poses.


It helps you to build confidence. I know looking at our own body can be terrifying sometimes. In the process of doing nude yoga, you will inevitably have the chance to really see your body and accept who you really are. Moreover, in a nude yoga class, you will be seen by others as well. By handling feelings about seeing and being seen, nude yoga offers you a new way of mind meditation and building confidence.


How to Prepare for Nude Yoga?

Before you go to your nude yoga class, you may be super nervous about what will happen in the classroom. Here are few tips that can prepare you better.


Getting undressed in front of many strangers can be the hardest part of nude yoga. It can be awkward and uncomfortable if you are not ready. But remember this: everyone in this room will be naked, and all of you are here to learn something new about yoga. If you are too nervous, making eye contact with no one or finding a corner spot at the back of the classroom may help you feel more comfortable.


More importantly, the awkwardness may last for a minute or even longer, but eventually you will forget about being naked at some point during the class. As long as you follow to your instructor and focus on your body, you will get used to the atmosphere of a nude yoga class (just like what you do in a regular class).


nude yoga girl

Nude Yoga is a type of yoga practice that needs you get over your nervousness. Instead of being perceived as “nude yoga porn” or “sexy nude yoga,” nude yoga is a safe and pleasurable way to embrace who you are in a yoga practice. Through the ultimate intimacy and deep connection with your own body and mind, nude yoga represents a new form of spiritual and physical exercise.



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