Resistance band workout routine

Resistance band workout routine

If you do exercise without warm-up activities, muscle injury, joint sprains, and other injuries will often occur. Therefore, you should do a full warm-up activity during exercise, and practice the strength of jogging, freehand exercise and light equipment to make your body sweat slightly after exercising, and then plunge into a large amount of exercise.


Doing simple limb movements before physical exercise is good for safe and effective exercise. Because in the cold winter, the body's elasticity or stretch of muscles and ligaments is significantly reduced by the stimulation of cold, and the flexibility of the whole body joints is much worse than that of summer and autumn. If you do not warm up before exercise, it is easy to cause muscle, ligament strain or joint sprain, resulting in exercise cannot be normal. Before exercise, the various parts of the body and the relevant areas of each system are in a quiet and restrained state. The warm-up exercise is to gradually change the various parts and systems of the human body from static and restrained state to excitement and tension, thus enduring the exercise. Prepare for maximum load. Here are a few simple warm-up actions.

Back stretching

Hold the fingers with both hands and try to extend forward. After repeating it a few times, you can feel the extension of the shoulders and back.


Waist stretching

The feet are open and wide with the shoulders. The left hand is akimbo, the right hand is raised upwards, and the upper body is bent to the left. This action must be held for 15 seconds and must be facing the front when doing it, then, with the left hand, repeat the same action.


Chest stretch

Hands clasped behind the body and slowly lifted up. After repeating several times, you will feel the shoulders and chest stretch.


Pull the hamstring

Stand with one foot, the knees are slightly bent, and the other foot is pulled back by hand. To do this, pay attention to the knees and the buttocks forward. Then swap your feet and do it again.


Pull the calf muscle

Bend your right foot and straighten your left foot back into a bow. Note that the foot and foot should still be completely flat on the ground. Then change the foot and repeat the same action.


After pre-workout, let’s go to the resistance band part now. One thing to keep in mind is that some exercises will require different levels of tension. For example, you may be able to use a heavier band for exercises like chest presses or biceps curls. For that reason, having a variety of bands will allow you to get the most out of this workout.

1.Deep jump

Grasp one handle with both hands, palms are opposite, move back a few steps to tighten the resistance band.

lean back to make the resistance band completely tight, sit hips backward, bend your knees, and squat down as much as possible while keeping the spine is natural, then jumps up with explosive power and gentle landing later. Do a total of 10 times


2. Triceps overstretched

Back to the fixed point, grab a handle with both hands, separate the feet before and after, raise your arms and straighten, keep your hands at the height of your eyes, and tighten the resistance band

Keep the distance between the two elbows about the same width of the hips, the elbows pointing forward, tighten the core, lean forward and slowly bend the elbows to 90 degrees. Then reverse the entire movement and keep the upper arm still. Do a total of 10 times.


3.Bent Knee

Face a fixed point, grab a handle with both hands, straighten your arms, palms opposite, move your body slightly backward to tighten the resistance band, straighten straight, tighten the core, raise your right foot and keep your body balanced with your left foot. Raise the right foot backward, make a reverse lunge and lift the right knee to the back of the left foot. Then push the body from the left heel to push the body back to the initial position, keep the core muscles involved during the whole process. Alternate left and right, each done 10 times.


4.Powerful pull

Standing against a fixed point, the feet are slightly wider than the hips, the left-hand holds a handle, and the right arm is straight in front of the body.

Rotate to the right and open the body until the body forms a T-shape.

Keep your right arm straight, pull the body with your left arm in a rowing position, and rotate the torso to the left to return to the initial position.



Fix your feet on the resistance rope, starting from the push-up position, the body straight from head to toe, arms under the shoulders, bending the elbows, sinking the body until the chest almost touches the ground, then push the body up.

Push the hips up while keeping your legs straight. 

Then control back to the initial position and do as many times as possible while maintaining a good posture.



6.Hip extension

Lying on the ground, fasten your feet on the resistance band, bend your knees and put your arms straight on your side.

Tighten the core, squeeze the gluteus maximus, lift the hip from the heel, and pull the feet toward the body until a straight line from the knee to the shoulder.

Then slowly return to the initial position, do a total of 10 times, and at the last time, keep the hips raised for 10 seconds.


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