Good Yoga Mat Recommendation

 Yoga, a sport that originated in India for thousands of years, is now popular. It's a consensus to prepare yoga mats to protect yourself, but you know, the original role of yoga mats is not to protect but to protect against dirt.



At that time, India's water resources are relatively scarce, bathing is very inconvenient, in order to reduce the number of laundry changes, save water, they put a mat during sports to protect against dirt. Later found that the mat can also play a buffer shock-absorbing role, to avoid some of the bumps during yoga practice, so more targeted mat swashes have been improved. Now you can see a lot of different materials, different sizes, different thickness of yoga mats, in fact, all a variety of specialties.



Today, we're going to recommend a profitable yoga mat.



It's the Toplus upgraded yoga mat that just won Top 17 Best Yoga Mat Brands 2019.



Toplus Upgraded Yoga Mat with Anti-skid Dot Embossed Pattern, Purple



UPGRADED NON-SLIP DESIGN: With superfine abrasion performance and excellent elasticity, anti-skid treatment on both surface, Toplus yoga mat could support all yoga positions.  


HIGH-DENSITY TPE MATERIAL: High-density TPE material is more supportive and more durable for use. There will be no foot cramps or any sore knees ever again!


SWEAT PROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: This Yoga mat is designed to be sweat-proof, it will block sweat and dirt off the mat. A simple wet cloth could make the mat clean again.  


ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: 100% safe. No latex, no PVC, non-toxic or any harmful chemicals. It is truly eco-friendly, healthy and recyclable.


WHAT YOU GET: Toplus Yoga Mat*1, Carry Strip*1


CARE: Wipe with wet towel



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