Kids Yoga, Fantastic kid yoga poses we would practice with teachers.

Kid yoga class

In our yoga class, all of our classmates are willing to practice yoga poses with our teacher. Yoga lets me exercise my whole body and it makes my body softer. My mommy said that I do a great job of balancing. I am starting to focus on my pose and I can sense this world better. I can feel the winds blowing and trees breathing, I feel myself have some kind of magic and it is so cool.

Sometimes we will practice poses with our teacher. Our teacher likes kids who would listen to them carefully and being active in class. She will invite them to cooperate with some poses with her. I like to cooperate with her

I would try to remember those tips that the teacher mentioned in classes, cause she will ask questions. We will play games in our class, our teacher will describe a pose and let us guess which pose it that. I always listen to her carefully in class. So I get many “warrior medal”. We will get a “warrior medal” when we win in the games and helping others.

Now we will put our shoes in the right place before class begins, and help the teacher collects all the mats and other accessories together after class. My mommy is satisfied with my new habit. I am getting better through a yoga class.
I learn to close my eyes and imagine myself as a little bird.

Kid yoga pose
I do shoulder stand and my teacher does a handstand.
Kids yoga
Pretend to be a pony
kid doing yoga
I am a butterfly, and we are flying to the forest slowly.
yoga pose with kids
Sit on her shoulder
yoga kids
I said I want to be a tree. Then we becoming a tree.
child doing yoga
I am a seed ready to grow
Growing kids
I can stand on my teacher now
yoga pose
Kid yoga is really great, my teacher said, as long as I can keep practice, I will be strong and healthy like her. It also brings me a lot of fun. I will keep practice yoga.

Note: This article is written by Cindy (Age 4), she is one of my student in kid yoga class. We didn’t take many pictures so that we find pictures of similar poses on the internet. But these are great kid yoga poses we can practice with our kids.


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