Check for a Christmas gift for the whole family—Yoga at Christmas

Christmas means most of us will be busy organizing travel plans, going gift shopping, attending lunches and dinners, and preparing for, celebrating, and recovering from holiday parties! This the season to be merry, after all!

While Christmas is a time for joy, it can also be incredibly challenging. For those of you who have moved out of the family home, returning to the scene of your childhood may feel like we are reverting to our younger (read moodier) years! 

Christmas also signals the end of another year, making it a time of reflection as a New Year approaches. We start thinking about where we are in life, running through our 2020 New Year resolutions and realize which ones are still outstanding.

In our previous article, we posted some Christmas Yoga poses for the yoga beginner, and we believed you have got it. There goes to a saying: If someone thinks they have reached enlightenment through yoga, then they should spend a few days at Christmas with their family or family-in-law. Nothing better to put you back on track. Look, Santa Claus is doing yoga! Now follow Santa Claus to learn Yoga poses during a family Christmas!


  1. Pose 1
  • Put your hands on the ground
  • Right leg bent, half kneeling on the ground
  • Straighten your left leg backward, with your toes and your head on a horizontal line
  • Change your feet and do it again

  1. Pose 2
  • Sit with the left leg in front and right leg cross naturally
  • Keep upper body straight, abdomen keeps breathing evenly


  1. Pose 3 
  • Stretch out your hands with your back as below
  • Stretch your legs together and tilt up to 60 degrees, at the same level as your hands

  1. Pose 4
  • Half squat
  • Legs bent forward and 60 degrees above the ground
  • Outstretched hands parallel to the ground



  1. Pose 5
  • Stretch out your feet
  • Straight back right leg, bend left foot and forward
  • Raise your hands vertically above your head
  • Change your feet and do it again

  1. Pose 6
  • Face forward with both hands and shoulders
  • Bend your right foot
  • Extend your left foot and straighten



Introduce meditation into each of the poses above as you begin to slow down the breath and come to a comfortable position. Visualize drawing a square—connecting each line of the square to an inhale or exhale, gradually increasing the size of square as slow the breath down even more. Doing yoga at Christmas makes you feel calm and peaceful. It's time to become your best self and your family. Join yoga pose fit Christmas to unlock your full potential.

At Christmas, we are naturally called, as yogis, to understand that we are part of a collective story. And our mission is to uplift the world in which we live. One cannot do this without loving-kindness, generosity, and giving to others.

To make Christmas more meaningful and unforgettable, learning Christmas Yoga poses for the whole family is suggested. In such a special festival, it is fun and healthy for the whole family to do yoga together in a warm fireplace.  Check our yoga mat to find a perfect one.


Happy holidays, Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)!



Feel free to let us know if get any ideas or doubts, we will get back to you as fast as we can.




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