When is the best time to practice Yoga

First of all, whenever and wherever you can practice yoga?

Morning exercises can make the day full of energy, so that the body that sleeps all night wakes up and improve the problem of a stiff body; the practice in the afternoon can be carried on and off, relax for the daytime work, and have more energy and strength to face the afternoon jobs.


Second, what is the best time for yoga from a physiological point of view?

In theory, it's very suitable for yoga in the afternoon and evening. Because the body temperature is higher in the afternoon and the muscles and joints are more flexible. At this time, the physical indicators of the human peaked.

In the evening, the body's hormones, enzymes, and other physiological adjustments are in the best state. People's various feelings(visual, tactile and smelling) are very sensitive, so yoga is better for health at this time.


Third, what is the best time for yoga from a culture point of view?

From the perspective of yoga culture, the best time to practice yoga is morning and evening. Not recommended for noon training

In the evening, it's suitable for dynamic and powerful positive yoga exercises, which can make your body full of vitality. Do a simple stretch, you can also wake your body up and keep up with the rhythm of time

In the evening, it's suitable for the slow relaxation of yoga exercises for mental and physical exhaustion of the day to relax. Practice in the evening does not require a lot of power, just focus on breathing, meditation and body feelings


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