What Is A Yogi? How Do You Become One?

When people talk about the yogis, maybe they will think of some soft girls doing stretching and splitting. But it’s not just that! Yogis are misunderstood by many of us. In India, those who perform twisting asanas on the street or on the stage are not yogis. This needs to be clear. A yogi simply to say is a person who is proficient in yoga and can give people more than skills but mental peace. And the famous are mostly males.

what is a yogi

Science has discovered the truth. This is what ancient yogis have guided yoga practitioners for centuries. How yoga changes your body? The truth is that your beliefs will enable your mind to heal your body. This is the moment when the brain is plunged into the quagmire because of doubts and the triumph of the disease.
Fundamentally speaking, yoga strengthens the connection between body and mind. It makes us stronger and more sensitive to the world around you. The way you incorporate your practice into your life will become the way of your life. Believe that you will get better and can help your body in the healing process, which is what you get gain as a yogi.

what is a yogi

How to become a Yogi?

If you wish to be a yogi, here the tips may help you.

1.Start yoga practice one, participate in the course.

First of all, this lifestyle starts with yoga. Consider participating in the course. Exercise in a relaxed way. You will feel better and more relaxed. Second, learn some self-commitment to start practicing at home. If you really want to have a yoga-style lifestyle, you don’t need to just go to class to practice yoga. It will also help to insist on practicing at home every day.

2.Choose good equipment

If you are serious about practicing yoga, buy some necessities, yoga mats, clothes and other items, and try to find some auxiliary jobs. This is helpful for women in class or practicing at home.

3.Regular diet and regular yoga

you will need to find that your body needs to add a certain amount of water and nutrition. Adjust your diet, drink plenty of water, and learn what kind of diet to play the best role in exercise. There are some yoga asanas that every beginner must know. These are basic. There is nothing wrong with this method, but it ignores the traditional psychology and spirit of yoga. 

Stories about famous yogis.

Birakham Chowdhury

The four-time All India Yoga Champion, is the founder of high-temperature yoga popular in Europe and America. In 1972, with the help of Nixon, he opened his first yoga club in the United States. Since then, his two yoga clubs were also built by Nixon using taxpayer money. Why did Nixon favor hot yoga? According to reports, Nixon once tasted the sweetness. After he listened to Chowdhury’s advice, he fought phlebitis by practicing yoga postures and washing hot water baths, and achieved certain effects.

what is a yogi

Inzo David

She is the only woman in the world who can be called a yoga master. Her original name was Ginnya Peterson, a descendant of Russian nobles. She was exposed to meditation for the first time in the upper circles of Moscow, and she developed a keen interest in mysterious yoga and oriental fitness. After several setbacks, she finally decided to go to India to ask for the truth and became Krishnamacharya's first female disciple.
Her master Krishnamacharya promoted the revival of modern Hatha Yoga. In addition to Inzo David, his apprentices also include Joyce, Iyengar, David, and Deskocha, all of whom are well-known yoga The masters of the circle. This is what the so-called famous teacher makes a good student. She once established China's first yoga school in Shanghai, and Song Meiling is her student. In 1947, Inzo moved to Hollywood, USA, and attracted many celebrity disciples, including Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo.

what is a yogi

Yoga teaches us how to calm our thoughts and our self, so that we can live in harmony with the world around us with our true self. Contributing to meditation meditation, combining attention and breathing, makes you clear, relaxed, relieves stress, relieves pain, and relieves anxiety. To be a yogi makes us have a positive attitude about the world and treat others around us more peacefully and patiently.



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