9 summer exercises that burn calories

In the summer, it is inevitable to lose weight because of the heat, so it is best to choose some low-intensity exercises in the summer, you can exercise, lose weight and relieve stress. Here are some recommended aerobic exercises for burning calories.


1. Biking

One of the fun of cycling is the change of terrains, such as roads and forest trails, which can consume 4 calories per hour even if you cycle slowly. Cycling exercises the heart, waist, calves, and buttocks. The secret to increasing energy consumption is to change the intensity. If you ride indoors, you can increase the resistance within 1 minute, and increase the intensity and consumption.


2. Running

Running is physically expensive and absolutely effective for slimming, consuming an average of 600 calories per hour. Running is especially beneficial for the cardiovascular, and exercises the back muscles, strengthening the abdominal muscles, tightening the calf and hip muscles. If you are not used to running, you have to gradually adapt your body to the sport. You can go for 20 minutes and then 20 minutes for the first run.


3. Boxing

For people with high work pressure, boxing is the most popular sport after work. Boxing exercises arm, knee, waist, and calf. It takes up to 800 calories to burn a sandbag for an hour. The boxing team consumes a lot of energy, so don't exercise when you are very tired. You can combine some soothing exercises, such as jogging and biking.

4. Swimming

Swimming is best for summer. It can resist both hot weather and slim. It can be said to be weight loss and entertainment. And swimming can be very calorie-consuming, and butterfly swimming can consume 470 kilocalories per 20 minutes. So don't just think about playing with water after swimming in the summer, take half an hour and burn fat. However, it is important to note that after swimming, people will be particularly tired and hungry, so diet control should be done after swimming to ensure that the calories burned will not be replenished.


5. Rope Skipping

Rope Skipping is a kind of aerobic exercise that is very suitable for weight loss. Moreover, the cost of skipping rope is relatively low, the site requirements are not very strict, and you can exercise at home. You can consume 440 kilocalories of calories for 30 minutes every day, and 7200 kilocalories for 1 kilogram of fat. You can lose 1 kilogram of fat in less than 5 hours. Therefore, MM who wants to lose weight can consider skipping, but be sure to stick to it. After the skipping rope is finished, it is recommended to massage the calf to relax the tight calf and prevent the calf from becoming a muscular leg.


6. Dancing

Dancing will not only make you more elegant but also help you dance your body. From the perspective of modern medicine, dancing this rhythmic systemic exercise is beneficial to restore and balance the body's biological rhythm, help myocardial contraction, promote blood circulation, and delay cell aging. Dancing can exercise all parts of the body, and effectively thin waist, hips, and thin thighs increasing body flexibility and flexibility. But the different types of dances consume different amounts of calories, so you can see which type of dance you choose.


7. Playing Badminton

Playing badminton not only can exercise the muscles of the whole body but also can effectively improve the flexibility of the body. Playing badminton for 30 minutes a day can help you consume 160 kilocalories. Many girls like to play badminton. However, it should be noted that if you haven't played badminton for a long time, you will be sour after the first day of practice. Therefore, after the badminton is finished, massage the arm. Practice badminton often improves your body's flexibility.


8. Playing Squash

The fastest way to lose weight in summer is to play squash. Playing squash consumes a lot of calories, can be quickly slimmed down in a short period of time, and can also remove fat and toxins from the body. Playing squash for 30 minutes a day can consume more than 450 calories. But playing squash requires a venue and a high response speed.


9. Playing Volleyball

Playing is a kind of burning body fat exercise. In addition to playing badminton, you can also play volleyball by consuming calories. You need to use the strength of your arms and legs when playing volleyball, so you can choose to play volleyball if you want to thin your arms and stovepipe. Playing volleyball for 30 minutes a day can consume 160 kilocalories.


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