9 major weight loss principles

When it comes to your fitness routine, the time you spend sweating it out in the gym tends to get all the credit—but it shouldn't.


Things like good nutrition and quality sleep matter too, and smart pre- and post-workout rituals can ensure you're recovering properly, fueling your efforts, and crushing it in every single workout. Here are the 9 things that should definitely be a part of your fitness routine if you want to maximize your results.


1. Whether you choose to exercise in the morning, noon, afternoon or evening, you should develop regular exercise time and habits. There are 4 aspects to notice when you project your exercise time. First, do not exercise on an empty stomach in the morning, the effect is good but harmful to your body. Second, if choose exercise at noon, you should exercise 1 to 2 hours after lunch. Third, if you exercise between 16 pm and 19 pm, you need to add carbohydrates properly. Fourth, if choose to exercise at night, do not exercise more than 21 pm and do not exercise vigorously, so as not to affect sleep.


2. For optimal weight loss, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise should be combined. Aerobic exercise can consume body fat and train power. Anaerobic exercise can increase skin elasticity and strengthen muscle strength. In addition, anaerobic exercise can transform our body into a body that is not easy to get fit, and anaerobic exercise is a sport that is helpful for weight loss.


3. Warm-up exercises before exercise are a very important part which is for getting the body into motion. Warm-up exercise can gradually increase the body's temperature and strengthen the muscles; increase the speed of blood transport to muscles and joints, and help increase the oxygen in the blood. Don't think that warm-up exercises are a waste of time and effort, even when the time isn’t enough, you can't also ignore the warm-up movement


4. You must pay attention to the knee joint during exercise. Some obese people like to run to lose weight. However, during running, due to the large body, the knee joint and ankle joint are overweight, causing injury, and then there is ankle joint swelling and knee joint pain. Pain and so on. Strengthening the strength of the thigh during exercise can effectively reduce knee injury.


5. It is not feasible when overloading. In order to pick up the speed of exercise, some people increase their exercise intensity from the beginning, and this effect will not be good. In order to lose weight successfully, you must adjust your exercise time and intensity according to your health status, physical fitness and exercise proficiency. In the first few weeks after the start of exercise, people who have not exercised for a long time should relax their muscles through simple exercises. In general, you do not feel tired the next day is ok.


6. In order to effectively lose weight, exercise at least 40 to 60 minutes at a time. When doing aerobic exercise, it begins to consume fat after 20 minutes of exercise. In the case of anaerobic exercise, it takes 20 to 40 minutes to complete the prescribed action, so slight exercise does not effectively burn fat, nor can it exercise muscle. So it’s best to do 5 exercises a week, and it’s best to last an hour for each exercise.


7. After exercise, you need to do some stretching exercises to help you relax your joints and muscles and prevent injuries. Stretching after exercise can sort out the fatigue material that accumulates around the muscles and stimulates the muscles that are not used often. In addition, stretching exercises can restore heart and lung function and transform the body from a state of motion to a state of daily life.


8. Exercise weight loss needs to be adhered to.

If you want to lose weight through exercise, at least 3 months of exercise will have an effect. Both anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise need to be done. Anaerobic exercise can deplete the body's glycogen, and then 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise can promote fat burning. Of course, weight loss also needs to be matched with reasonable food to have a better effect.


9. Being well-rested not only energizes you through every train or sprint, but it also keeps your hunger hormones in check, so you're not undoing your efforts in the gym by overeating the rest of the day. A good sleep is also super important after a workout, too—that's when muscles really get to recover.


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