TOPLUS 1cm Non Slip Exercise NBR Yoga mat (EU)

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  • Thickened yoga mat】This Toplus oversized mat is 183cm long x 61cm wide x 1cm thick and ideal for men and women of all sizes. 1cm thick, it protects the joints of the body. Suitable for yoga, Pilates at home, as well as for outdoor camping.
  • New technology for new yoga mat】Toplus yoga mat is made from synthetic rubber by high-density NBR, which comes from a professional technology to ensure the durability of the sports mat. The sports mat is phthalate-free with SGS report.
  • Tear resistance and durability】Toplus high-density yoga mats never deform, no matter what kind of posture you adopt. Due to the properties of NBR, the indentation will be visible after the tape or packaging is removed. But it will recover within 24 hours. The great tear-resistant synthetic rubber material allows daily use, regardless of the intensity of your training.
  • Excellent Grip】This exercise mat has a reversible non-slip surface which is perfect for sweating and strenuous exercise, while also ensuring that you are securely fixed. The wavy bottom of the mat prevents it from slipping on the floor, and its smooth surface has a strong grip and is easy to maintain posture.
  • TOPLUS purpose】 Toplus focus on improving the performance of yoga mats, making products with practical and lasting values and bringing aesthetics to sport. As an expert in mat sports, we understand yoga, life and what you are thinking. Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth, please do not expose it to the sun too long


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