TOPLUS awning sun protection garden balcony weather protection water-repellent rectangular 420D PES UV protection for garden outdoor (3 * 4m, gray)

$38.99 $65.99
  1. 1. Water-repellent fabric: The outer layer is made of 420D polyester oxford (PES), which is environmentally friendly, odorless, waterproof, water-repellent, breathable and moisture-permeable as well as dirt-repellent.
    2. Highly efficient sun protection, anti-ultraviolet: mesh structure to prevent UV sun protection rate of up to 90%, special material, UV ray resistance.
    3. Portable packaging: skylight shade tent distribution with the same paragraph storage bag, small and portable, does not take up space. It is more suitable for easily accessible devices for mass travel outdoors.
    4. Instructions for use: You can use the spreader bracket, you can also use the surrounding buildings as support points such as logs and then be regulated with a wind rope.
    5.Note: Our product waterproof refers to waterproof fog and small water droplets. If you plan to use it to cover up the rain, this is not an ideal choice. Please read the size selection product page carefully at the same time!


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