Toplus Air Mat, Camping Mat, Air Bed, 2019, Newest Version, with Pillow, TPU Fabric, 40D Nylon, Ultra Lightweight, Water Resistant, Disaster Prevention Supplies, Sleeping Bag, Outdoor Mat, Storage Bag Included

  • ¥2,999
  • [Pillow Interlocking Design] Combine fluffy air pillows, another pillow is more convenient, without the need for carrying.It is more elastic, lumpy ground feeling is not transmitted to the body, and it is comfortable to sleep.The beehive design also distributes body pressure evenly and ensures good sleeping, while protecting the spine.
  • [DURABLE WATERPROOF] 40D Nylon+TPU Elastic Composite Cloth for strength and water resistance, durable fabric, easy to clean and always use clean.If you are outdoors, you can use it with a damp towel to maintain quality for a long time and feel confident to use.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE CONVENIENT] Small enough to carry in a backpack, it is about 192*56*6cm after inflation, about 6cm thick, with a storage bag, only 0.51kg! It is very convenient to carry, it is the best choice for outdoor camping.
  • 【DOUBLE VALVE & NO INFLATION】Just 10-20 breathing times, girls can easily inflate it, freely adjust the amount of inflation and adjust the hardness of your choice.Also special double valves are used to effectively prevent air leakage and sleep all night long.
  • [Great for Various Occasions] Suitable for various occasions such as Outdoor, Camping, Climbing, Touring, Athletic Party, Park, Cherry Blossom Viewing, Travel, Fishing, Car Sleeping, or for a variety of occasions such as office rest, relief area.


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