About Toplus

To help everyone enjoy the workout anywhere anytime, that is where we started. Now we are going further.

Toplus strives to provide customers with well-made, high quality and healthy products. We believe in the concept of simplifying Life by using quality products, living a simple life.  So we explore and develop every product with our heart.

Trusted Workout Companion

Our original intention to create Toplus is to help everyone to workout without any limit. It's also our mission to run our business. Lose weight, strengthen muscle, eliminate the anxiety, there are so many benefits we can enjoy from the exercise and workout. Due to the busy work or the high cost or other reasons, not all of our customers could hit the gym every day, so we decided to provide some simple and efficient accessories to help them workout at any place, in the living room, garden, park, even at the office.

Enjoy Outdoors

Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, climbing and more, bring us a lot of fun. We get so close to nature, meanwhile, the challenge makes us become stronger and attain great happiness. Toplus will support all your happy time with quality and affordable outdoor gears.

Yoga - New Journey

Toplus began the yoga journey in Florida in 2016. Our founders practiced yoga for years, and now they have the ability to spread the good to the world. We hope we could help more people to enjoy yoga and acquire inner peace. We gathered some excellent designers, relying on our mature production technology to provide the awesome yoga mat and props for our customers. We are running in our way.