TOPLUS Yoga Block Brick

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  • SKU : Y5C01
  • DEEPEN STRETCHES - The TOPLUS Yoga blocks brick provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to help extend,support and deepen your stretches while also working to increase your range of motion.
  • DURABLE SUPPORTIVE FOAM - These lightweight and supportive foam blocks are constructed of durable foam with non-slip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping.
  • EASY CLEANING - If you want to clean the block after practicing, you could just simply wipe down the block with water or if you need more cleaning, you could use a mixture of soap and water. The yoga block can be dried with a towel or simply left to air dry.
  • MUILTPURPOSE USING - Perfect for travelling, in the studio, or at home. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy - deepen stretches, assist with hard-to-reach poses, enhance warm ups, improve flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and add challenge to workouts.
  • ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: ONE-YEAR hassle free warranty for our TOPLUS yoga block. If it has quality problems, we will also refund unconditionally.If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome that you contact us via E-mail. Our mission is to provide you with an excellent shopping experience.


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