Your body language shapes who you are


body language


Body language, is the subconscious language.Many times, a person's body language can present his inner feelings.Different body language can bring people different feelings. Good body language makes people feel good and comfortable. Similarly, bad body language can make people feel very bad. For example: hunchback, leg shaking, sneer and so on, will make people very uncomfortable. We should use body language correctly and increase our social charm.Because sometimes your body language shapes who you are.Body language affects how others think of us, but at the same time it also affects our view of ourselves.


However,how to use body language to relax ourselves?In daily life, running, tablet support, swimming, yoga can all help us balance our limbs, so as to shape a better body shape.Today we will learn a few simple yoga moves to relax yourselves and help you build a more coordinated body language.When you feel very nervous, anxious even uncomfortable maybe these simple yoga moves can help you calm down this emotion and help you fix bad body language.


1. Viparita Karani  ( Vertical leg up the wall )

Vertical leg up the wall

This posture mainly relaxes the nervous system , redirects blood and lymph circulation. It can also provide you with guidance to help you understand reality.
Posture guidelines:Lie down with your hands naturally on your sides and palms down. Or open your arms naturally, palms up, and experience the feeling of relaxing your mind. Keep your legs upright against the wall at a 90-degree angle. Keep this posture as comfortable as possible.


2. Salamba Savasana  ( Supported back bend )

2.Supported back bend

This yoga pose can fully expand the chest cavity, increase lung capacity, and have deeper and longer breathing. In addition, this style can also stretch the chest and shoulder muscles.
Posture guidelines:When taking a sitting position, place a medium-height square yoga pillow directly below the shoulder blade drop and another square yoga pillow behind your head. If you feel not comfortable enough, try to lower the height of the back yoga pillow. When lying down, lean your body gently against the yoga pillows and adjust their position until you feel comfortable, while your arms open naturally on both sides of the body.


3. Eka Pada Jathara Parivartanasana ( One-legged Revolved Abdominal Twist )

3.Single leg twist

Supported twisting posture can stretch the lower back, lateral hips, chest and hip flexors. With each exhalation, think of yourself as a sponge that has been wringed out, removing all the unwanted waste from your body and washing your body and mind.

Posture guidelines:Lie flat, lean your right knee towards your chest, open your arms in a T-shape, lower your right knee, and twist to the left side of your body. The neck can be centered or you can look to the right, as long as you feel comfortable. In addition, you can also place your left hand on your right thigh and use the power of your hand to provide some support for the twisted thigh. Hold this position, take at least five deep breaths, then switch to the other side and do the same.



In today's exercise , we focus on the relaxation of yoga . No matter if you have bad language or end a tense day , the above actions should be very helpful . These movements are very simple , you can practice frequently to help improve body language and from a good posture . Your body language shapes who you are , So let's practice together !



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