Pilates VS Yoga

In the process of exercise , many people are not clear about the difference between Pilates vs Yoga. So, how to distinguish them? Which one should you practice?Today I will tell you that the basic difference between Yoga vs Pilates, and how to choose these two sports according to your own situation, so as to achieve a better exercise effect.


What is Pilates

It is Mr. Pilates' self-created set of unique training movements and sports skills called "control technique". Pilates mainly exercises the small muscle groups deep in the human body, and maintain and improve the appearance of normal activity posture, achieve body balance, create a range of activity and activity of the trunk and limbs.

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What is yoga

Yoga originated from ancient India and is one of the six philosophical schools in ancient India. And what modern people call yoga is mainly a series of self-cultivation methods. It is a movement method that achieves the harmonious unification of the body, mind and spirit, including the body position method and breathing method , Mind-adjusting meditation, etc, to achieve unity of mind and body.



Pilates vs Yoga


  1. Different origin

Yoga originated from ancient India and spread through Europe and America;

Pilates is a German research and development, developed in Europe.


  1. The content is different

Yoga is a static course, one action is kept for a long time;

Pilates belongs to a dynamic course, a group of actions consists of different dynamics of the same action.


  1. Different forms

Yoga is a type of practice, and meditation and asana can be practiced by multiple people, which is why the popular "Thousand Yoga" activity is popular;

Pilates is basically taught one-on-one, and more often requires the help of a teacher. At present, there are some small group Pilates courses on the market, which are no longer limited to one-to-one traditional teaching.


  1. Different goals

Yoga can exercise all muscle groups;

However,Pilates is generally considered to be the core training, which mainly focuses on posture and rehabilitation. It is also a course to soothe the muscles of the whole body and improve the body's trunk control ability.The specific training plan is made by the teacher, and now it is generally crossed with each other to ensure the training effect. No private teacher can use a single plan silly.


  1. Different breathing

Yoga breathing method is nose inhalation and nose exhalation;

Pilates breathe through the nose and the mouth.


  1. Different spirituality

Yoga is more like philosophy to pursue spirituality and spiritual improvement;

Pilates is similar to science. It mainly improves posture and rehabilitation, and does not mention spiritual practice.



Pilates advantages&disadvantages

Pilates moves slowly and clearly, and each posture must be coordinated with breathing, so it is suitable for people of any age, especially those who lack exercise, need to have access to computers for a long time, and office workers. Stretching and elongation is also one of the most important exercises in Pilates. The special feature is that the muscles will not become thick after exercise. Muscle, external oblique, rectus abdominis, erector spinae). However,Pilates is not something everyone can do. Because this exercise depends largely on the flexibility of the joints, it is best not to practice for the time being if there are injuries or diseases in the sports system, such as arthritis, muscle strain, and damaged ligaments.

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Yogas advantages&disadvantages

Yoga can be good for body and health, it can correct the spine deformation caused by daily fatigue or bad sitting posture, improve some bad postures, enhance self-confidence, stretch the muscle system and make the body lines beautiful. In addition, yoga can also relieve stress, help us improve our ability to concentrate, relieve tension, reduce depression, eliminate psychological barriers, and restore inner peace and peace. So in our daily busy work, or under intense study pressure, we can spare some time for yoga exercise, which also has great benefits. But,if you forcefully twist when the body is unwell and soft enough, it will cause a physical strain, which is counterproductive.And compared to Pilates and other sports, yoga may consume less calories.

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Pilates vs yoga, which of the two sports is more suitable for you?

For the flexibility of the body and the correction of various parts of the body, you can choose yoga.Now more and more women do not exercise yoga as a weight loss exercise, for the body joints are corrected, and the movement of blood circulation is promoted while exercising, so when yoga is combined with aerobic exercise and tough exercise, a perfect S-shaped body can be completely shaped! Yoga also can correct the abnormalities of bones and joints, and can effectively improve constipation. Adhere to yoga, abdominal pain will also disappear to make the body feel lighter. If you want to make your body soft and balanced, yoga is a good choice!

However,if you want to reduce fat and build a perfect body, choose Pilates! Pilates is a sport that combines yoga and stretching exercises. Because it has more stretching-based movements and more athletic movements, it has super good weight loss characteristics!Because the movements are faster than yoga, the sense of muscle is obviously improved. Although the uninterrupted movements are really tired, but it does make the body get body, and the whole body muscles have been exercised, so if you continue to exercise Pilates, the weight loss and fat loss feeling will become more obvious.


I believe that after reading this article, you should have the answer to your choice of yoga or Pilates. I hope everyone can choose the way that suits you to keep healthy.



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