What Size Yoga Mat Do You Need

Although there is not a specific rule when determining what size yoga mat you should use, there are a few things to consider. You may not realize how many different yoga mat options are available or really even know which size yoga mat that works best for your practice. Your budget will also play a big role in your decision as you will need to find the best possible yoga mat that is within your budget range. I must warn though, when it comes to yoga mats, spending an extra few dollars on your initial mat could save you money in the long run. So Maybe you’re brand new to the practice of yoga, maybe you’re simply researching the various yoga mat sizes before buying. Whatever your case is, this article will cover your questions about yoga mat sizes.


Most sports have set guidelines that the equipment needs to meet to be official, however, yoga has no set or official guidelines of what size a yoga mat should be. Be that as it may, the manufacturers in the industry have all seemed to accept the standard size of a yoga mat as 68 inches long and 24 inches wide.


This size mat has been accepted as standard as it is comfortable and sufficient for most people. The average Joe would not even think to look at sizes and will concentrate more on the thickness and other features.


However, the choice of the size of the yoga mat is related to the height of the yogi and the movements being practiced. In general, the size of the yoga mat is chosen according to your height, but if you often do some stretching yoga exercises, I will recommend that you should choose an oversized yoga mat.


Some of the larger yoga mats that are available are 72 inches long x 25 ¼ inches wide, 72 inches x 26 inches, 72 inches x 28 inches, and even up to 74 and 84 inches long. Then you can choose one which is suitable for you and it will provide you with all the comfort and support that you need.


If you are unsure of whether you need a large or not, there is a way you determine the size of yoga mat that you need. The best way is to try it for yourself. Visit a store, yoga studio, local gym or borrow a standard sized yoga mat from a friend and try out some poses.


A downward-facing dog pose is a perfect choice to test a mat. When in the pose, if your hands and feet fit comfortably on the mat, then a standard size yoga mat will be perfect for you if not, you will need to look at larger mats.


A simple rule of thumb to determine what size yoga mat you need is that typically if you are taller than 6-foot, chances are you will need a mat which has extra length and width.


Is the yoga pad as thick as possible or thinner? A thicker cushion protects the body and joints from injury. But yoga is a sport that emphasizes balance. Excessive yoga mats are not good for fatigue and control. The thin yoga mat has a low impact resistance and is easily injured for people with weak joint tolerance.


Different mats are used to practice yoga in different locations. For example, if you are doing yoga at home, it is not necessary to consider whether the mat is light or not. However, if you are doing yoga classes outside, you need a cushion that is easy to carry. If you travel often and do yoga on the road, you can find a lighter cushion or consider buying another yoga mat for your trip.


For yoga beginners, choosing a yoga mat with a thickness of 7 to 10 mm is more suitable because thick mats can effectively prevent sports injuries. With some foundation and experience, because you need to do some difficult movements, you should choose 4 to 6 mm with a yoga mat to increase the stability of the movement. As a senior yogi,1.5 to 3 mm with a yoga mat is recommended, it can fully the ground to maintain motion stability and be easy to carry. In addition, If you often have pain during contact with the ground during yoga practice, you can also choose a slightly thicker yoga mat.

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