What Is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga, originating from Ashtanga, is highly regarded by Westerners. It is also called dynamic yoga and active yoga.

It is currently one of the most popular yoga systems in the United States. It combines asanas and deep breathing methods to connect targeted yoga movements coherently and smoothly, and emphasizes the organic combination of strength and flexibility.

Who invented power yoga.

The term "power yoga" became popular during the mid-1990s when two American yoga teachers who had studied with Ashtanga guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois began to make what they had learned more accessible to Western students.

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They also wanted to move away from the rigid Ashtanga sequence, which is a set series of poses that are always done in the same order.

Bryan Kest, based in Los Angeles, and Beryl Bender Birch, based in New York, are most often credited with the nearly simultaneous invention of power yoga on opposite coasts.

Both were part of the second generation of American Ashtanga students. Kest originally learned from David Williams and Bender Birth from yoga guru Norman Allen. Williams and Allen were both among Jois's first western students. 

Kest went on to study with Jois in Mysore, India. Bender Birch, who had previously done Sivananda, Kundalini, and Iyengar yoga, worked with Jois during his trips to the United States in the 1980s. Kest and Bender Birth both used the term power yoga to differentiate the intense, flowing style of yoga they were teaching from the

gentle stretching and meditation-based practices that many Americans associated with yoga.

Bender Birch has said that when she started calling her classes power yoga, she still taught the Ashtanga sequence of poses.

However, some conventional yoga teachers dismiss power yoga as a gimmick that undermines the holistic and spiritual foundations of the classic forms of the practice and places too much stress on physical exercise.

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Most suitable for the crowd.

Yoga enthusiasts who have a certain foundation should learn traditional yoga for 1-3 months. Power yoga emphasizes deep breathing, the movement is coherent and dynamic, and the power is concentrated on the arms, waist, buttocks and other parts.

According to the yoga instructor, power yoga is more suitable for men. Its movements are more dynamic than traditional yoga. For example, its movements are more effective in stretching and strength, and sweating is larger than traditional yoga.

The benefits of power yoga.

  1. Improve basal metabolic rate Strength

yoga can increase body muscle content and promote metabolism. Moreover, exercises can be refined according to the strengths and weaknesses of various parts of the body to make the body symmetrical. Richer women are curvaceous.   

     2.Enhance immunity and delay aging   

Skeletal muscle is the main place where glutamine is synthesized in the human body. It contains a variety of enzymes related to the body's metabolism and plays an important role in maintaining the function of the human immune system.  

       3.  Increase bone density


In the process of power yoga, the bones will be stimulated and exercised, thereby improving the bone's ability to resist pressure and resistance. In addition, strength exercises can also promote calcium absorption, increase bone density and hardness, prevent premature osteoporosis, and effectively prevent fractures.  

       4.Improve muscle elasticity   

Women can increase muscle elasticity through repeated cycles of strength exercise, which helps to strengthen the firmness of soft tissues and joints.  

      5.Increase self-confidence   

Confident women are the most beautiful. When you use your hard work and sweat to produce a healthy body and a beautiful body, a sense of harvest and satisfaction will involuntarily flow into your heart, making you feel more comfortable and confident.

Things you should pay attention when you do power yoga.

1. If you suffer from back, neck, joint diseases, or hypertension, diabetes, asthma, etc., please seek medical advice first.

2. The completion of the actions is directly proportional to the effects received. These actions include stretching, lifting, breathing and meditation.


Power yoga not only can increase our body muscle content and promote metabolism, but also improve our self-confidence. So why not have a try and enjoy the fun!


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